What risk does november have to take in november?


This November, Leo, it’s time to take some risks if you really want to start moving forward. Right now, Leo, you feel like you’ve acted the wrong way. It is not that you have done things wrong or that you regret it, but you know that you could have tried much more and given much more to a person who is very important to you right now. Thank goodness that you have finally removed the blindfold that blinded you and that you are beginning to realize how reality works.

The advice of those people who love you so much have been of no use to you, Leo. Not even the advice you were trying to tell yourself would do you any good. Everyone told you to swallow your pride for a moment and learn to ask for forgiveness.

This month, Leo, you should take a risk and apologize to that person with whom you feel that you have not been entirely fair. You, Leo, are always someone who gives everything, you are someone who offers unconditional love from minute one. But this time, you feel like it hasn’t. You do not like to hurt anyone, much less a person who is by your side for absolutely everything. Look, asking for forgiveness is not the solution.

Leo, the words sooner or later are blown away by the wind. What you should do this month is take a risk and change what you think you have been doing wrong. If you feel better, don’t hesitate to talk to that person and ask for their forgiveness. But make that forgiveness be reflected in your actions. Take that risk, Leo, assume that if you really want this to have a future, you have to change and, above all, you have to really commit.

You have a hard time recognizing your feelings when they are real. It is very difficult for you to recognize that you feel something for someone when what you feel reaches your heart. So, Leo, take a risk and recognize that that person has marked you and has come to touch your heart more than you would like ...

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