What risk does november have to take in november?


This November, Cancer, it’s time to take some risks if you really want to start moving forward. Before the end of the year, Cancer, you have to close many chapters, you have to force yourself to leave behind many things that right now and that in the future do not suit you. You are going through a somewhat strange streak, Cancer, because you feel like you have many responsibilities on top of you and the stress is gradually taking over you. To all those responsibilities, you also have to add your mood and all those relationships that concern you right now.

You are in a moment when you are overwhelmed by everything and at the same time by nothing. Cancer, you know that in particular there is a person who steals your sleep and that, because of her, you cannot be and do what you really want.

This month, Cancer, you must take a risk and end that relationship that is stressing you so much right now. The last thing you need right now is to have someone who is a burden to you. You do not need anyone to tell you what you should and what you should not do, that is something that you know perfectly well. And if you have doubts, you know that the people who love you and who support you will give you the best advice in the world. Right now, Cancer, it is not convenient for you to have a person behind you who is criticizing everything you do, be it good or bad. A person who steals the few positive energies you have and who makes you regret every step you take, does not deserve your time, much less your attention, Cancer.

You don’t want to hurt anyone, deep down, you don’t want this person to be bothered by your words, but you have to, Cancer. You have to take a chance and get that person out of your life before things get worse. Do it now before it’s too late. This person is creating a lot of stress for you and may be the culprit that everything costs you much more.

From now on, Cancer, you have to do everything possible to surround yourself only with people who bring you good things, people who trust you and all your wonderful power. You don’t deserve to have someone like that by your side, and you know it, so take a chance and end that relationship.

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