What people can you not stand according to your sign?


Everyone has some kind of mania but it is true that there are some people who really annoy a lot and who become very unpleasant for the signs, to the point of not being able to bear them. In this article we will talk about what the zodiac signs cannot stand, about those things with which they have zero tolerance:


You can’t stand people who betray the trust of others. You are a very loyal person to yours, and although it is true that at some point in your life you may ruin everything, you always return to the side of those who do good for you. Even in those moments you have come to hate yourself a lot. The best thing is that in the end your principles are stronger than any drama, than any anger, than any stupidity. And you’re not going to put yours aside for nothing.


If there is something that you cannot bear, it is those people who refuse to grow and mature. In life, people like that end up hurting you a lot. It is not necessary to have everything very clear in life but at least, know that you want to evolve. In the end, you will end up realizing that, although someone like that attracts you a lot, it is best to get away as soon as possible. Because you, precisely, will not do you any good Taurus.


You can’t stand people who are overly absorbing and who are also unable to think for themselves. Yes, Gemini’s, you are a free, independent soul, who always does what he wants, who comes in, comes out, does not stop ... And having to carry someone on your back who asks you for an opinion even to go to the bathroom it is extremely burdensome. That is why you have zero tolerance towards these people, because they do not give you anything good Gemini’s. Rather, they rob you of energy.


If a person does not respect the feelings of others, you get sick with Cancer, and you stop putting up with it. You are a person who empathizes a lot and the problem is that there are people who come to the lives of others as if they were a steamroller. You have met many such people in your life and you have understood that in the end, everything ends up being fatal. Therefore, as soon as you see that someone makes you “ugly” or tries to underestimate your feelings and emotions, escape, flee, go far and think that it is better that way before holding on. Everything will end fatally.


You can’t put up with people who believe themselves more than the rest. Many will think that you can become that type of person but nothing to do. You have a lot of confidence in yourself, and in the end, you don’t take things so seriously so, if you make a mistake, you start over without any fear. Also, you don’t look over your shoulder at anyone. You are clear about what you are worth. And knowing that, you have a lot done.


You can’t stand people who try, at all costs to manage the lives of others. You can’t stand for anyone to come into your life to tell you what is right and what you should do Virgo. Many times in your life you have come across these types of people and the problem has come when they try to sneak into your life, starting with trying to control your present, know exactly your past and manipulate your future. You have to be careful…


You cannot stand those people who overwhelm you, who want you to make decisions quickly, who do not understand the times of others, who want everything now ... Demanding people who are used to having everything when they want stress you out, and Libra stresses you too much. You know that everything requires effort, patience and perseverance and of course it is also true that many times you lack it, but the good thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes. The rest many times, no.


You can’t stand those people who think they are never to blame for anything Scorpios. And even more so to those who constantly make themselves victims. The truth is that you have stamina for many things Scorpio, you are a person who, even if you dislike someone, you can “behave” and control yourself (knowing that they will not be in your circle anymore). But the problem is when they never look at their navel, when the blame is always on others, when they are not able to back down out of pride. There you are a beast ... You throw yourself at the jugular.


You can’t stand people who try to turn the tables at the last minute when feeling cornered instead of taking things on board and asking for forgiveness. Although you don’t like problems and you usually run away from them, when you come across people so at one point they say one thing but then they tell you they have said another, you start cornering Sagi. You want to catch them in a resignation, you want them to realize that you are not an idiot ...


You have very little tolerance for those people who throw in the towel at the slightest bit of change. It is not that you do things perfectly but what you do have very clear is that if something is worth it, you are not going to give up. Therefore, you see these people as losers and as weak people who even need some help. It is clear that yours cannot be yours, you do not have patience with those weak minds, what’s more, although it sounds harsh, they irritate you a bit because you see victimhood in it ... You could be that person who said “Everything happens to me” (because it’s true) and yet you’re not going anywhere with grief.


You cannot stand ignorant people, those who do not want to learn or evolve, those who think they know everything, those who constantly interrupt to tell something that neither goes nor comes to you ... The insubstantial Aquarius people. And the truth is that the older you get, the less you can take it. If before by education you could have a certain tolerance, now not Aquarius. Now if someone gives you a bad vibe, you walk away.


If there is something that you cannot bear, it is those people who try to separate you from other Pisces, your people, your family, your friends ... Manipulative people. You are a very observant person and also, you have an impeccable intuition, so you quickly detect ulterior motives, even if those intentions are too hidden. Little Fish. Therefore, as soon as you see that someone wants to get away from what you want, you will start to bite. Whoever makes it for you here, pays for it.

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