What Others Think of You Upon Discovering You Are a Aries?


When you tell the world that you are Aries, everyone starts looking nervous, they know that things are not easy with you. They honestly believe that you are a kind of ogre without feelings, someone impulsive, capricious and who always gets what he wants, whatever it is, and whoever steps on it. You have the reputation of being a non-empathic person, who finds it difficult to feel what others feel. You don’t cry when you see another person crying, not because you don’t want to, but because you just don’t feel it.

Since they think that you are a very impulsive person, they believe that you do not have any kind of filter when speaking what you think.

You let it go and you are so calm. And it is your impulse that always fails. You always need to be from here to there, you don’t stop and you can give that image of being a slightly stressful person. You are always moving, your impulse does not allow you to stay still in one place. You like taking risks, giving life excitement, having fun, not planning anything and sometimes you don’t look at the consequences of what you do ... And that way of living life can create an air of superiority that does not show what actually you are. You are conceited and quite flirtatious and others may think that you are somewhat superficial.

But Aries, is that all this has a justification. You like being like that because you are able to see life differently, from a more positive point of view. You always go straight ahead with the truth ahead and that is something to be thankful for.  The truth often scares others, but it is not your fault. Aries, you are pure fire, you are passion and you are a source of energy. People who really know you don’t want to leave your side because you bring that warmth and positive energy that everyone wants to have. Do not get carried away by what others say when they find out that you are Aries because behind that there are many more things.

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