What makes your blood boil according to your sign?


There is always something that boils our blood, we all have a different temperament and the same things do not bother us. What for one person may be totally acceptable to another may be unacceptable, as they say, it all depends on the glass you look at it with. Next, let’s see what your blood boils according to your sign ...


Oops Aries, you can be very patient with the people you love, but if they speak for you while having a conversation you get flustered. You have never understood that ugly mania that people have when they think they can explain better than you what happens to you. Who can think of it? The first time you put up with it, the second time maybe, but the third time you explode I make a demon, they are underestimating you and that feeling it a lot and whoever it is you do not consent. So are the things!


Taurus, yours is very funny, if you meet someone for an hour and you are late, you will say that you are arriving when they call you worried or impatient. Most likely, you are still leaving your house, but woe to the one who dares to make you wait because you will put yourself in a bad mood. Patience is not your strong suit and in this sense less, you hate that they are late when you have left. This will seem like a lack of responsibility for calling him in some way and if you have to say it, don’t cut a hair ...


Gemini makes your blood boil when someone goes too smart by making a comment about your appearance, but who has believed what it is? Off, this outrages you and worst of all, it makes you stick out your vampirine tongue which undoubtedly knows how to hit where it hurts the most. You may have a somewhat sarcastic humor that not everyone understands, but from there to make free comments about no one ever. Whoever dares to try to minimize you will take such a stick that they will no longer want to do it ...


Cancer, you can tell the odd little white lie just to do no harm, although doing so safely will be trifles. If you get caught in one of course you will not continue denying it, this seems like a joke and you are not one of those. Your blood boils when someone tries to do it with you, but what do you think? You don’t have a hair as a fool and somehow it is as if they were trying to undermine your intelligence, Cancer does not go through there, not there ...


Leo it is clear that you are like an erupting volcano with your emotions and, although you are very strong you are also very heartfelt. If someone makes you feel stupid for getting excited about something you care about, they will be seen with you, perhaps not at the same moment, but that they will be seen is a fact. Cold and inhuman people boil your blood, what happens, they don’t know what it is to express feelings? You do, especially if it is something that touches you, who likes it well and who does not ...


Oh Virgo, how people who think they know everything bother you, is that you can’t stand it. No matter how kind and peaceful you try to be with everyone, if you run into a person who tries to get over every word that comes out of your mouth at the end your mood changes and it shows. You generally avoid conflicts, especially because they do not benefit you at all, but if you find yourself in front of someone who thinks they are superior in the end, you blow up and cut your losses. Even if you are in a good position, you will never look at anyone over your shoulder ...


If you have such a large group of friends and people feel good around you, it is because you accept them with the good and the bad. You hate criticism and much more if it is not constructive, if someone unknowingly speaks ill of one of your friends they will deal with you. You value the people you love because the good outweighs the bad and if this is so, who is anyone to comment on a friend of yours? Your Libra blood boils and you will cut whoever does it without even ruffling your hair ...


Scorpio is true that you give a little bit of fear to the bad, you have a strong character, but you also consider that when you take it out it is not because. It boils your blood that a person who is supposed to love you gets angry with you for defending you instead of supporting you. You are not an ogre and you do not eat anyone, only if someone exceeds you will you stop their feet, otherwise you live your life as calmly as possible.


Sagi kills you that they don’t reply to your messages, especially if it was something of importance to you. You understand that everyone has their life and you do not intend to be the center of attention at all, but if you require a close person it is for something and it hurts not to be reciprocated. This is not the worst, the worst is to see that that person does have time to post on social networks or talk with other people. Uff Sagi, this unnerves you and you will probably draw your bow, aim at that person and stick the arrow right in the center of the target ... that’s what he has!


Capri you have the patience of a saint’s hand, but everything has a limit. You will never intentionally harm anyone, it is not your style and much less with the people you care about. Now, if you need to find your peace alone, please do not be disturbed because your blood will boil and you will answer in a way that you most likely will not be proud of. You are very respectful of people’s times and you ask exactly what you give… no more, no less!


Aquarius is very difficult to get you crazy, especially because your philosophy of life prevents you. However, like everyone else there are things that you do not go through, for example, that they make plans with you without prior notice. You are very respectful in that sense, you would never force anyone to do something they do not want just because you feel like it. If someone tries to do it with you, they may know a part of you that even surprises and that is when you get angry, since generally you are always in a good mood.


That you are sensitive is not a Pisces discovery, you always show yourself as you are because you do not need appearances. You know your flaws and you have your weaknesses, but you accept yourself with all that. You are unnerved by people who make fun of you for something they know touches a chord… what does anyone care? You do not interfere at all with the way of being of each one and it will irritate you enough that someone tries it with you. You are good at heart, but if you have to put a punch you do it and you stay so hot ...

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