What Makes Scorpio Laugh And Smile The Most?

What Makes Scorpio Laugh And Smile The Most?

Scorpio, what really makes you laugh is that humor that is a bit aggressive but at the same time is absurd. That humor that you know is messing with you but at the same time you know that it does it without the intention of offending. Because without a doubt if there is someone who has to laugh at you, that person is you. For you there is nothing better than laughing at yourself. It is true that there are people who consider that your humor is too dramatic or too harsh, but those people really are not able to understand what makes you laugh.

You are very good at laughing at your misfortunes or the misfortunes of the people you really care about, you don’t do it to offend anyone, simply because you know that the best thing in those cases is to laugh at that situation.

Your sense of humor is somewhat twisted compared to the rest of the zodiac signs. It makes you laugh at jokes that are a bit cruel or border on black humor. But that you like this type of joke does not mean that you do not know where the limits of respect are, because you know it perfectly.

Black humor is very dangerous because there are people who do not know how to understand it well and also because there are people who do not know the repercussions that this type of joke can have. But Scorpio you understand it perfectly. Your humor is very sarcastic, without a doubt. You love to see the bad side of everything, even in jokes. Not everyone can be able to understand those jokes that you laugh so much at, but it is not that difficult either. Scorpio, making you laugh is only for those privileged people who like the same kind of jokes as you.

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