What Makes Leo Laugh And Smile The Most?

What Makes Leo Laugh And Smile The Most?

Leo, what makes you laugh are those jokes that are made at the wrong time. Like when you are in a work meeting and you have to make a little joke to release tension. Or when you’re at a funeral and suddenly a laugh escapes you. In these moments, when there is so much tension in the environment, it is when you laugh the most. For the record, you are not doing it on purpose, you are simply trying to make people laugh too, even though the moment is being very tense. Also, what makes you funny are those creative or very theatrical jokes. Those who are quirky, out of the ordinary, or have a very witty humor.

You are not like the others, we already knew that. You do not laugh with that fashion video that everyone laughs at, you go further and laugh only with what has a somewhat more intelligent humor.

Although sometimes it is true that you find those extravagant or exaggerated jokes funny, simply because you feel identified with them. That which draws a lot of attention, that’s where you go directly. It makes you laugh when they tell you stories full of exaggeration, intelligence and mind games.

You enjoy hearing how your friends tell you those ‘not to sleep’ stories that are surely all made up. But then on the other hand, you have a very simple humor, it helps you to put on a chapter of a humor series to laugh and have a good time. Of course, as long as their jokes are clever or at least pretend to be. Best of all, you will never get tired of laughing, because when you laugh you do it out loud. You are exaggerated even to laugh, but there is nothing wrong with that, Leo. Making you laugh is easier than people think ...

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