What makes each sign suffer in a relationship?


Do you feel that your partner is resentful and you don’t know why? You will probably find the answer here. Each person is different, but as we already know the date of our birth influences the way we feel and behave. Next, let’s see what makes each zodiac sign suffer in their relationship ...


If you are in a relationship with Aries and you notice that he is in a bad mood and even answers then he may be resentful about something. The zodiac ram kills the routine and the same habits day after day, if you are one of those who prefer to stay at home then your Aries may not be very satisfied. If they give him life he is the best couple in the world, but as long as you try to make him stay in one place, you have it clear with him / her. If you have fallen in love with an Aries, keep this in mind for the good of both ...


If you do not put the same effort that Taurus puts into the relationship, it will not only suffer, but it will change even the character. This sign gives itself completely to those who consider the love of their life and if they feel that the relationship is not reciprocal they will tell you. If things do not change after trying to communicate with you, he will leave your side to see if you react. Taurus can give one chance, but not two, so get the batteries and conquer him / her again ...


We have said it ad nauseam, Gemini is free as a bird and needs to fly to feel full. They can fall in love with you to the bar, but they will suffer a lot if you try to separate them from their friends or what is worse if you try to prohibit their company. You may be right and the people he surrounds himself with are not the best, but he must realize it for himself because if you force him to do so, he will feel bad and lose interest in you.


Cancer is one of the couples that offers the greatest guarantee of durability, but they do not like at all that their partner takes their love and affection for granted. Why? The answer is simple, when people believe they have everything they settle in and stop fighting. It has its logic and also this happens naturally, if you stop taking care of it, it will suffer and you will notice it quickly. Cancer is not double-faced, does not know how to hide and does not want to, just as he / she gives and gives expects exactly the same.


Although it is one of the most independent signs, when it falls in love it requires certain types of attention from its partner, including spending quality time. Leo will resent if he feels that you are not listening to him or if you spend more time than necessary at work away from him / her. Now, when something gets into his head, he does it and does not think if it may affect you or not if he leaves you behind. He does not do it out of selfishness, just that he is very enthusiastic and adventurous and may feel like making his dreams come true ...


Virgo is practical and constant, he will measure very well everything he does to make as little mistakes as possible. If you have a partner who wastes money on impractical items or rather wastes money, you will suffer. This does not happen because he is a tightwad who does not want you to have what you want, but if you are going to invest, do it well and with a head. If you don’t, you will see the most critical side of Virgo ...


Libra has the ability to accept people as they are, yes, as long as they have a good attitude. When it comes to the couple it is the same, if he falls in love he will do it with all the good and with all the bad, he will accept her as she is and he will take care of her as the best of treasures. So why so much complaint? This kills Libra who will suffer if he only hears the negative after all he gives and offers. If you treat this sign with affection you will never see a bad face ...


Scorpio knows perfectly what his shortcomings are and is willing to acknowledge them when necessary, but not when forced. If there is something that bursts the zodiac scorpion, it is that they make him responsible over and over again, the crushes do not go with this sign. They will not do that with you, if you make a mistake and you assume it will be enough, they will suffer if you constantly repeat their mistakes. A resentful Scorpio is not to anyone’s liking.


Sagittarius is not controlled by anyone, it is very easy to take through the good times, but through the bad there is no one who can beat him / her. Sagi is an incredible couple who always think about how to make the person they love happy, but will not tolerate that they try to dominate them, far from it. If you are with a native of this sign, do not even think about making decisions for them because they will resent and say very hurtful things that they will probably regret later.


When Capricorn gets something in his head at a professional level there is no one to take it out of him, even if the idea is not the brightest in the world. Maybe you as a couple see that it is not the best for him / her, but if you tell him / her he will suffer. Capri is very constant in her jobs and almost always achieves the success she desires, so if she is wrong or not, why ruin her aspirations? What this sign needs in this sense is that they support it, listen to it and support it, if it goes well both will win and if not they will always have each other.


Aquarius masochist does not have a hair, already it is difficult for him to give himself completely until he is sure / a, so that once he does so he does not receive anything in return. Although he is very independent and loves people who are too, if his partner takes this to the extreme, he resents and becomes cold. If you are with Aquarius, try to have those intimate moments from time to time to give free rein to communication while having fun together.


Pisces is a piece of bread when he falls in love, but he also has his genius. When you live as a couple you want both to be a team that combine perfectly because you think that this is also part of the complicity. However, not everyone thinks the same and if you leave him in charge of most of the tasks he will suffer to a point where you can not even touch him. If Pisces bursts he will sing the forty and with all his reasons, the fish of the zodiac never complains just because ...

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