Dream of Home - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Dream of Home - Biblical Message and Spiritual Meaning

Seeing houses in dream life is very common and frequent. Most people look at houses, apartments and real estate of all kinds in their dreams, several times throughout their lives. But rarely are houses so significant that we consider them to be the main object of a dreamlike vision. In this dream all the details are important and you can face a multitude of different situations when you have this dream, for example: dreaming about a haunted house that is under construction, dreaming about an abandoned house, dreaming about an old house, etc.

For each set of scenario and situation in which this dream presents itself, it is necessary to combine emotions, feelings and thoughts that a person carries in his waking life, as well as identifying each character present in the dream and the role he plays in the dreamer’s life.

In view of the infinity of possible symbolisms for this dream, it is necessary to analyze the meaning of dreaming about a house from different points of view.

Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud , for example, believed that the number of things represented by symbols in dreams is very small: human body, children, birth, death, nudity and some others. According to Freud, the person, as a whole, is often represented in dreams in the form of a house . From a psychological point of view, this means that we look at ourselves as a residence of the unconscious, in which each room can represent each of our personalities and temperaments .

In addition to this psychological perspective, there is the spiritual point of view, in which houses can arise in a way that indicates our spiritual condition. In that case, the cleaner and more organized the house, the better. In addition, the dream may suggest other types of spiritual experiences, which may be associated with progress or even traumas and blocks from past lives.

Keep reading and find out what it means to dream of home in more detail.

Dreaming about old house

The feelings, emotions and attitudes towards the old house in a dream denote the way a person perceives and reacts to the world in waking life. Usually this dream is a reflection of a person’s temperament and personality.

Do you feel out of place and out of your time? Do you prefer the comfort of simplicity? Do you find it difficult to build rapport with articulate people around the world?

All of these symptoms are not positive or negative. The dream only reflects the individuality of each one. This dream, therefore, suggests that you should be happy wherever you see fit. There is no need to make an unnecessary effort to adapt to a social or personal context that escapes your soul’s identity.

Dreaming about new house

New, clean and organized house is always a great indicator when it comes to dream life. The dream may indicate a moment of balance and inner harmony . In addition, from a spiritual point of view, it is possible that the dreamer was in some residence of spiritual colonies, which are aimed at balanced spirits and who take advantage of sleep to learn or recover their energies in friendly and affectionate environments.

Dreaming of a house on fire

In real life, the reasons that make a house on fire are the most varied. However, when it comes to dreams, the motives are more specific and are linked to thoughts, conduct, personality and temperament. Thus, a house on fire indicates that some intimate imbalance is consuming the strength of the dreamer. The dream can be a reflection of greed, pride, intense desires, impatience, ingratitude or some very strong negative emotion and feeling.

Dreaming of dirty house

Dirt in dreams is never a good thing. A dirty or abandoned house suggests some kind of contamination and spiritual intoxication  , either due to the toxic thoughts themselves or the atmosphere of the environment in which the person is inserted in the waking life.

Dreaming of old house

Peculiar sensations can be triggered when we encounter old houses. Although this dream may be associated with the personality and temperament of the dreamer in waking life, it is common for the dream to be a manifestation of deep memories registered in the soul. Sometimes the dream can be related to trauma or to nostalgic experiences from past lives.

Dreaming about big house

In general, large houses or mansions symbolize the ego . This dream can occur when we are acting on the impulse of an imaginary and illusory personality . Symbolically the dream indicates the detachment from one’s own individuality or from the Ego (with a capital letter), which refers to the Higher Self or Soul.

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