Dream of Horses: Good or Bad Luck? - Biblical and Spiritual Meaning


Feeling a little surrounded lately? Do you feel the urge to explore new places and gain your independence? What is dreaming about a horse and what does this dream mean to you?

When the spiritual symbolism of the horse appears in a dream, it is time to dedicate yourself to your goals and to build your life according to your interests and plans.

In dreams, horses can symbolize how we feel about power, how we connect to it and how we use it to our advantage.The stronger and healthier horses are in dream life, the stronger and healthier our connection to our own inner power and potential will be.

In addition, the horse carries many interesting and positive symbolisms that can say a lot about the interests of the dreamer in waking life, for example:

  • Power;
  •  Freedom;
  • Independence;
  •  Hard work;
  • Determination;
  •  Fun and attractive.

On the other hand, when we dream of sick horses, horses unable to bear their burdens or restless horses, it means that we are feeling unable to deal with the problems and demands of everyday life. In addition, sick horses also often indicate health problems in waking life.

An important fact about horses in dreams is that, in general, they appear to symbolize the need for freedom and independence that a person so desires. Therefore, it is very common for the meaning of dreaming about a horse to be linked to the suffocation that a person experiences in his life and the desire to free himself from the existential bonds that prevent him from acting freely.

Keep reading and discover more details about what it means to dream about a horse.

Dreaming white horse 

White horses combine the strength of the horse with the purity of the white, symbolizing power and spiritual integrity.  In addition, white horses also symbolize the overcoming of obstacles and the defeat of the period of darkness and negativity that has accompanied it in recent times.

Dreaming brown horse

Overall, most people dream of a brown horse. Brown is a color that does not have as much impact on this dream , since this color is the most commonly found when it comes to dreams about horses. In this dream, what matters is the situation in which the horse finds itself and the details that complement this dreamlike vision.

As long as the horse is healthy, gentle or friendly, the dream is very positive, and may even be associated with the meaning of the brown color, which symbolizes material prosperity and financial security. For a more adequate interpretation, however, a personalized interpretation would be necessary.

Dreaming black horse 

In some cases, the black horse may indicate mystery and the unknown. In these cases, the dream makes reference to the dreamer’s own personality, which tends to hide or repress some instincts or problems of the past, resulting in an incomplete and superficial personality. The result is a feeling of insecurity and lack of capacity , which keeps the person trapped and dependent in their daily life.

Dreaming about angry horse

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that horses appeared during the dream as a way for the unconscious to symbolize our own vital energy and inner strength , whose function was to propel us to act and live with fullness and confidence. Following Jung’s reasoning, an angry horse, therefore, means that some part of ourselves is dying and losing its luster.

Do not forget that horses are symbols of health, vitality and energy. When a horse appears angry, attacking or with any aggressive behavior, it refers to a skill or quality that we are losing, revealing some kind of neglect and carelessness with ourselves.

Dreaming about dead horse 

Dead horses urgently ask for your attention. The dead horse indicates that something undesirable can enter your life and bring you many problems if you are not aware and take care of yourself more. This suggests that, because your interests are not aligned with higher purposes, you may attract unexpected and very negative situations.

So reflect on your lifestyle and don’t lose everything because of bullshit. Take care of yourself and focus on topics and activities that are useful for your progress.

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