Spiritual Biblical Meaning of Honey Bee in a Dream

In dreams, insects have very specific symbolisms. Not only in dreams, but also in life, insects play a great role, because they are like subtle warnings from guide angels or even from God. For example: according to some spiritist reports, when a person encounters many bees in his physical residence (bees that were not there before), this indicates the protection and spiritual protection that you are receiving. Just as the repeated numbers demonstrate divine protection, the appearance of many insects suddenly demonstrates that there are spiritual beings working along their life path. And that happens exactly when we are going through moments of turbulence in the waking life, which makes us feel isolated, alone and without hope.

In this way, we can conclude that there are immense symbolisms in insects, especially in bees. Whether in waking life or in dreams, the appearance of a bee always tells us something. Of course, some details may slightly change the meaning of dreaming about a bee, however, in general, the dream indicates that something is happening in the spiritual background in order to facilitate your current moment of transition or existential difficulties .

It is no coincidence that, for Christianity and also for Greeks and Egyptians, bees symbolized the soul. This symbolism is very relevant, since it is associated with the cycles of changes and improvement of the soul, which is often accompanied by turbulence, discomfort, insecurities and fears, hence the need for spiritual support to lift the spirits and not to be carried away by thoughts negative or even a suicidal impulse.

So dreaming about a bee means that you are not alone and that everything has a higher purpose . Keep reading and learn more details.

Dreaming bee stinging

You certainly feel pressured by the emotional burdens of your life as a whole. The injustices you have suffered and the difficulty of enforcing due respect are undermining all of your energy and your individuality. However, the sting is only a reflection of the disturbances and discomforts that come from the period of transition and spiritual maturation that you are experiencing .

So there is nothing to worry about excessively. Just let yourself go for this period and know that something is being done to get you back on your life with matters and activities that really interest you.

Dreaming bee and honey

In the sacred scriptures of the Hindus, known as “Os vedas”, honey has an association with the soul and with transformation. For them, honey symbolizes the fertilization and immortality of the soul. Thus, fertilization symbolizes the emotional storms that a person experiences and that are useful for his progress and learning . Revealing, once again, the immense connection of the bees with the periods of difficulties that serve to adjust the spirit to more joyful and abundant moments.

Dreaming bee in hair

The sensations felt when a person encounters many bees in their hair or on their head can actually be very frightening. However, there is no reason to fear or worry, as the feelings experienced in this dream are the same as those you already feel in waking life . As explained in the introduction, dreaming about a bee indicates changes, and these changes are always accompanied by many negative feelings and emotions.

Dreaming about queen bee

Queen bees, in dreams, have a connection with affective and sentimental issues. Usually the dream happens when a relationship has been broken or other affective problems are taking your peace of mind . In addition, the queen bee is the symbolism of fertility and femininity; therefore, the dream can point out the balance of male / female forces. However, this balance can only occur when a period of emotional tension occurs. So be receptive to that awakening and do not impose any resistance.

Dreaming about bee hive

In Freemasonry, bee hives symbolize order, cooperation and personal success. Therefore, seeing a bee hive indicates that periods of many novelties begin to be drawn across the universe . However, it is extremely important to facilitate this process with positive thoughts and attitudes. By keeping your thoughts fed with inferior or negative ideas, you can put all the symbolism of this dream to waste. So be patient, wait and be positive.

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