Astrology and Zodiac Signs for Kids

Astrology and Zodiac Signs for Kids

The anxiety that mothers feel about the birth of their child has the same effect to know what their sign, temperament, behavior and personality will be. Many unanswered questions come to mind, but if there are alternatives in astrology, we can get a basic sense of whether the child will be calm or agitated.

Even if the stars clarify a good part of what we are today, it is important to point out that if the child presents a good behavior, you can be sure that it comes from a primordial education of the parents. Be sure to check the 

Children’s Horoscope

 for more curiosities.

Below the list of signs: 

Aries Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Dads take care! Aries babies have not even started to crawl and already think they are independent to do anything they can. But be careful! Because they behave this way, they tend to get hurt easily. When grown up, children are already more sensitive and soft-hearted to withstand some situations. Finally, they don’t like rules and love to hit head-on.

Taurus Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

These are already born hungry and are always with their mouths open to get something delicious to eat. Quiet since babies, Taurus are patient and lazy. Even after a good night’s sleep, a sofa will fall well after lunch and a short nap will be essential to replenish your energy.

Gemini Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Geminis just aren’t born talking because there are still too many babies for that. But when they start to unroll their tongue, there is nothing to keep them quiet. They are very agitated and walk around wanting to know everything that happens around them. In return, they are loving, caring and intelligent.

Cancer Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

These are the children that the mothers asked for in prayers. Babies are easy to deal with and too obedient. Growth tends to be a little slow, and when big children are sensitive, intelligent and cherish their parents’ company. They are scholars and prefer to always tell the truth!

Leo Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Leo come out of their mother’s womb with a crown on their heads! Always cheerful and friendly, they always seek to have fun and enjoy being the center of attention. They like to discover new things and have the ability to play an instrument or play a sport.

Virgo Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Virgo children are obedient to page 2. They will make a fuss and even grumble until you accept what they want. But when they fail, they end up obeying and accepting the opinions of others. Still, they are very intelligent and like to enjoy nature.

Libra Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

They are beyond loving and sweet babies who have nowhere to go. They are born with exuberant beauty and preserve their vanity when they are big. With an inflated ego, they cannot pass near a mirror that they admire for hours and hours. In addition, they are calm and polite children.

Scorpio Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Scorpios are very quiet when they are small, but live intensely. They are children who always have a mysterious look on everything around them. In addition, they like to stay home a lot of the time, obey their parents and are responsible for everything they do.

Sagittarius Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

These children are charming and are born with a smile on their face. They are curious and are always looking for news. They usually do some sport and, because they are so curious, they conquer intelligence as quality of life. They love parties and are always looking for family weekend getaways.

Capricorn Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

This is the most serious sign of the entire Zodiac! They are closed children, without much giggles and games. But little by little they are conquering a friendly way of being. Daddies can rest easy and trust with their eyes closed, because Capricorns are responsible and obedient to the extreme.

Aquarius Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

The Aquarius kids are lovely! They have a unique intelligence and can easily have fun with anyone. They are outgoing and are always in agitation. They can’t stand still in one place and are always looking for their colleagues’ smiles.

Pisces Baby and Children’s Horoscopes

Children of this sign are born sensitive and carry this nature for a long time. They are able to create an imaginary friend to talk “alone”, but they are very close to family and friends. In addition, they are religious and seek spirituality from an early age.


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