What is virgo's secret obsession?


Virgo is a person who hides many secrets. He is the mystery in person and that is why it is difficult to know what his secret obsessions are. But if you really live with him / her, this obsession will not surprise you at all. Virgo’s greatest obsession is order and organization. Virgo does not have enough hobbies. He is a maniac of order, perfection, having it and doing everything his way. His whole life revolves around perfection and discipline, in all aspects.

Virgo can’t stand people who are rude, disorderly, who don’t know what discipline is. His obsession reaches such a point that he is not capable of living with someone like that and of course, he is capable of bringing out of his life people who do not know or know what education is. Punctuality and education is what Virgo likes the most and if a person disturbs these aspects, they are capable of getting really hysterical.

Virgo must be very careful with this obsession, because it is easy for it to become very toxic. Virgo can become truly obsessed with order and perfection and can become someone who is unable to see beyond. You can become too dark and pessimistic a person when you see that nothing turns out the way he / she wanted. But the best thing about all this is that Virgo has no kind of fear or problem in admitting his defects, in admitting that he is a maniac person of control.

Thanks to this great obsession, Virgo makes most of the things he does go well for him and that everything goes as he / she has planned. He’s out of luck, he just works to make things go perfectly for him. The only thing is that Virgo must be careful so that this obsession does not become uncontrollable and can become toxic both for him / her and for anyone around him.

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