What is the worst thing about being an aquarius?


Being an Aquarius is not an easy thing. Being an Aquarius involves having to feel out of place all the time and, in addition, endure stares for being different from others. It is one of the most special signs of the Zodiac and that carries many responsibilities. For starters, the worst thing about being an Aquarius is being so mysterious and distant. This is one of the reasons why people see Aquarius as a weirdo.

It is very difficult to connect 100% with him / her because he rarely talks about what he feels. Aquarius is a person more in the head than in the heart. For him / her, it is not easy to go through overly emotional situations. She finds it very difficult to talk about her feelings and she actually suffers when she has to. The worst thing about being an Aquarius is having to live with so many feelings and not being able to talk about them easily.

50 Aquarius Things

Another of the worst things about being an Aquarius is that, although it may not seem like it, it is a little stubborn. Even if you go around saying that you have a super open mind and that you are willing to listen to anyone, it is not really like that. Aquarius hates with all his might that people oppose him or try to change his mind. If you know that you are right, there will be no arguments to take it away. And is that when he gets stubborn, he is capable of knocking out anyone. No one will dare to deny you because Aquarius is capable of giving all the reasons in the world to get away with it.

But really, the worst thing about being an Aquarius is being so detached. It is a sign that has a very hard time committing. He is a faithful lover of freedom and is always from here to there. He always goes his way without depending on anyone and without anyone depending on him / her. Actually, this is usually a good thing, because it makes you independent. But deep down, being that way can be one of your worst flaws. Being like this makes his life lack a bit of stability.

The dark side of Aquarius

He spends most of his time alone and deep down he also needs to have someone who will listen and understand him. But Aquarius is terribly afraid of that. You are afraid of becoming dependent on someone, you are afraid that that person will not understand you and will not know how to put yourself in their place. The worst thing about being an Aquarius is just that, feeling that nobody understands you as you would like them to.

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