What is the worst thing about being a scorpio?


Being a Scorpio is not easy. People talking about you, criticizing you without knowing you is very difficult. Scorpio has the reputation of being one of the worst signs of the Zodiac and because of that, many people criticize without having good reasons for it. It also has its great virtues, but it is easier to get carried away by what others say ... Perhaps the worst thing about being difficult is that, having to deal with all kinds of criticism and stares. But they are partly right, because Scorpio is a very mysterious sign. He is someone who hides a lot of things and that is why people speak without knowing.

The worst thing about being a Scorpio is that controlling side. He always wants to have everything and know everything. But the worst of all is not this, but his controlling side also leads him to be quite jealous in all his relationships, not only in his love relationships. The worst thing about being a Scorpio is having to live with that anger and that rage that runs through your veins when you see that you do not have all the attention you would like or when you see that someone you love is with someone else.

50 Scorpio Things

See that there are times when he tries to work on it and tries to do his best so that this does not happen, but sooner or later, his jealous side comes to light. He cannot avoid it and it is something that is already part of his essence. But it’s also something that makes being a Scorpio not easy. Scorpio becomes very obsessed with overprotecting his people and in the end what happens to him happens ...

Scorpios also have to fight their emotions many times and that is tough. The worst thing about being a Scorpio is that fight between head and heart that is always present within him. He’s a very emotional and passionate sign, but he’s also very controlling and tries hard not to screw it up.

The dark side of Scorpio

Although it may not seem like it, Scorpio controls himself a lot and, above all, tries to control his feelings. And this tires, it tires a lot. Because, although he wants to let himself go, deep down there is a voice inside him that tells him not to. What Scorpio wants most is to silence that voice and do what really comes from within. The worst thing about being a Scorpio is always having to fight your inner demons.

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