What is the worst thing about being a sagittarius?


Although it seems that if, being Sagittarius is not easy. Everyone says that Sagittarius is the luckiest sign in the Zodiac, that they are someone who always does well. But in reality it is not like that ... In reality, Sagittarius is one of those who works while everyone sleeps, it is one of those who strives until their entire body hurts, one of those who leaves their skin in everything they do.

The worst thing about Sagittarius is that he is quite obsessed with setting the bar high and with things going well for him. It seems not, but deep down, Sagittarius cares a little bit about the opinions of others. And that makes him worry a lot about each step he takes, about doing things well and about the image he gives to others.

50 Sagittarius Things

Another of the worst things about being a Sagittarius is that impulsiveness with which you face life. Sagi is one of those people who gets carried away at all times by what her feelings tell her. It has no filter, it has no voice inside to warn you before doing something. And that can be very dangerous. Sagittarius knows it, he knows that many times he has screwed up for saying or doing things that he should not. There are times when he tries to control himself and tries not to let his impulsiveness speak for him / her, but he rarely succeeds and he has to live with it in the best possible way.

But without a doubt, the worst thing about being Sagittarius is being different from others. Yes, although it seems an advantage and a virtue, in reality it is not. It is very difficult for Sagittarius to feel integrated into society, it is difficult for them to find a place and feel part of it. He always goes his own way and doesn’t follow any kind of rules. She is independent and a lover of freedom and that is a good thing. But his excess of rebellion does not allow him to integrate with others. And although there are times when she is happy being this way and going at her own pace, other times without a doubt, she would like to find someone who will follow the rhythm and who understands all those thoughts that she has.

The dark side of Sagittarius

The worst thing about being a Sagittarius is not having anyone who can keep you up to 100%. Sagi doesn’t mind being alone in the world, but there are times when he needs warmth and, above all, he needs to feel heard.

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