What is the worst thing about being a pisces?


Being a Pisces is not an easy thing. Despite being a sign with a huge heart, it also has a dark side, it was not going to be the exception. And worst of all, Pisces is a super unpredictable sign. He is so kind and caring that you don’t expect him to be flawed. For starters, Pisces is a super sensitive sign. Although on the outside he wants to make others see that he is someone strong, someone who will not collapse, just like that, deep down he is someone who is easily affected by things.

It is easy to see a Pisces crying over something unimportant and it is also easy for Pisces to get angry over any nonsense. He would like to be able to change this himself, but it is impossible. You cannot change something that is already in your essence.

50 Pisces Things

Another of the worst things about being a Pisces is being so pessimistic. Despite being a super dreamy person, who loves to imagine all the good that can happen to him, he is someone who always expects the worst. Pisces is someone super intense and quite dramatic. From a grain of sand, he is capable of creating the largest mountain you can imagine. It is very difficult to know how to manage all that intensity, both for him / her and for all those people around him / her. There are times that he would give anything so that things will not affect him so much and not to be disappointed so easily, but it is totally impossible.

And what is really the worst thing about being a Pisces is that it can become quite an emotionally dependent person. He is someone who hates conflict, hates hurting others, hates feeling that it is uncomfortable and for that reason, he will let himself be carried away. You will get carried away to such an extent that you can become very dependent without hardly realizing it. And all this is because Pisces is someone who needs love, someone who needs to feel loved, listened to and supported and therefore is capable of anything.

The dark side of Pisces

Look at Pisces, deep down, he would like to be someone independent, someone free, but he can’t, no matter how much he wants to. The worst thing about being a Pisces is having that sensitive heart, that big heart. Because of his heart he always ends up involved in dramas that do not suit him. That’s how it is…

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