What is the worst thing about being a libra?


Being a Libra is not easy. Even people who seem special also have their dark side, they have their little flaws that make them not perfect. Because yes, Libra seems like a person with a big heart, someone with a lot of good vibes, but not so deep down, he has his dark side. The worst thing about being a Libra is having to live daily with those thousands of doubts that assail your head minute by minute. That damn indecision that makes Libra lose so much time, that one that brings so many headaches to himself and also to all the people around him. Because yes, when Libra is indecisive, they have to share that indecision with everyone who is by their side. And when it seems that it has already been decided, the option changes again and doubts return again.

Another of the worst things about being a Libra is being so independent. Deep down, everyone can come to think that it is a virtue, but in reality it is not so much. Libra is a very sensitive and emotional person, although it may not seem like it and yes, there are times when you would like to have someone to lean on, someone to whom you can trust all your problems, but your independence does not allow it.

50 Libra Things

Libra is extremely overwhelmed with commitment and relationships in general. He needs to have his space, his time, his place where he can be himself, but at the same time he also needs warmth and love from someone. A contradiction against which he fights every day. Contradiction that makes being a Libra not easy at all.

But without a doubt, the worst thing about being a Libra is that, well, sometimes it is silly. Yes, as is, although it is difficult for him to recognize it, the reality is like that. Libra is a person who always gives a lot for others, is always there to help anyone who needs it, to lend them whatever. But when push comes to shove, when he’s the one who needs help, he can’t find anyone. He does not realize it, but there are times when he becomes very selfish with himself, because of being so nice to others.

The dark side of Libra

The worst thing about being a Libra is that in the end people always end up taking advantage of your goodness and good heart. I wish things were not like that, I hope one day Libra will have the eyes and begin to value themselves as they really deserve. Hopefully one day Libra will be first for himself and then for others.

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