What is the worst thing about being a leo?


Being a Leo is not an easy thing. Leo is said to be one of the best signs of the Zodiac. And having to endure so much pressure, so many glances, so many envies is not something easy to carry. Being a Leo requires having to assume many responsibilities that other signs do not have to assume. And perhaps the worst thing about being a Leo is just that, having to always be up to the task, having to give the best of oneself at all times and show that he / she really deserves that position.

But there are other things that also influence a lot. There are certain things in Leo’s character that make it not easy to be what he is… For example, the worst thing about being a Leo is that dramatic and exaggerated streak that characterizes him so much. Although he is someone positive, deep down he has a character that makes him put himself at his worst and exaggerate the situation much more.

50 Leo Things

Another of the worst things about being a Leo is that impulsiveness so characteristic of fire signs. That impulsiveness with which he has screwed up so many times and screwed up throughout his life. Leo is very about jumping into the pool without knowing what the consequences will be. And yes, there are times when things turn out well for him and he wins, but other times, being like this the only thing that makes things worse and that he himself ends up in an unwanted position.

But without a doubt, the worst thing about being a Leo is that authoritarian character that you always want to have. He always strives to be the best, to be first, so that no one opposes him. Because when that happens, when someone tries to take away his reason, he brings out his darkest and most dangerous side.

The dark side of Leo

One of the worst defects of Leo is that he is someone very competitive and that it bothers him a lot to lose. It bothers you that you don’t have your full attention or that people don’t even listen to you. It will cost you a lot to admit it, but Leo is like that and it is something that you have to start accepting. The worst thing about being a Leo is that arrogance with which he is born and that will accompany him until the end of his days. There is nothing to do, just accept him as he is. Being a Leo is not easy, that is something that even he knows.

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