What is the worst thing about being a gemini?


Being a Gemini is not an easy thing. Having to live with a mind full of doubts, indecisions, mood swings, impulsiveness is not easy for anyone. Gemini has a very dark side, they have a personality that is not suitable for all audiences. He creates a mystery that makes everyone want to know him and want to know more about him, but what they don’t know is that this mystery can be very dangerous.

One of the worst things about being a Gemini is that you are someone who has a hard time committing 100% to something or someone. He hates feeling controlled and tied down. He prefers to be alone rather than locked in something that does not let him be himself. Being a faithful lover of freedom is not a bad thing, but for Geminis being like that closes many doors. The worst thing about being a Gemini is that it is very difficult to make any relationship last ...

50 Gemini Things

Another of the worst things about being a Gemini is that carefree and impulsive nature that you have. He is one of those people who throws himself into making decisions without even thinking about the consequences and without even having a plan B prepared in case things go better. Geminis are not afraid to live life and know how to enjoy it, but the problem comes when things start to go wrong. There begins the drama, the bad mood and the bad vibes. And all because he is unable to find a way out of that situation. Because of him, for not having thought things through before.

But worst of all is those characteristic cravings of all Geminis. Most Geminis know what anxiety is. Your body is always stressed and overwhelmed, whatever happens. He has so many thoughts in his mind and they change so fast that this makes it very difficult for Gemini himself to manage everything he feels and everything that goes through his little head. The worst thing about being a Gemini is that you get overwhelmed very easily and find it difficult to see beyond.

The dark side of Gemini

When this happens, he transforms into a dull and even moody person with the rest of the world. Being a Gemini is not easy. If living with these mood swings is not easy for others, imagine for Gemini himself.

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