What is the worst thing about being a capricorn?


Being a Capricorn is not easy. In general, Capricorn is a very dark sign that generates a lot of mystery and also a lot of mistrust. It takes a lot of patience to really get to know Capricorn. It is a very intelligent sign and has a super privileged mind. That intelligence and that mind is sometimes a virtue and other times a defect.

The worst thing about being a Capricorn is that you forget absolutely nothing. He does not forgive and much less, he forgets. If you do something bad to Capricorn, don’t worry because it will remind you of it for a lifetime. You have to admit it and Capri is one of those signs that usually holds a grudge. It is not that he wastes his time trying to seek the perfect revenge, but he will not treat you the same again if you have already betrayed him once.

50 Capricorn Things

Another of the worst things about being a Capricorn is that obsession you have for control, for doing everything right, for taking charge, for planning everything. Do not risk the least because for him / her that would mean losing that control that he loves so much. It is a problem because he becomes so obsessed with it. Capricorn cannot do anything if they are not in control of it or if they do not have a plan B in case things go wrong.

There are times when you would like to let yourself go a little bit more and stop worrying so much about things, but you can’t. It is a mania, it is something that is in your blood and you cannot get rid of it. And also, Capricorn is a very stubborn person, he never gives his arm to twist. As much as you give him / her reasons for it, he / she will remain locked in his / her own ideas.

The dark side of Capricorn

But without a doubt, one of the worst things about being a Capricorn is that pessimism with which you normally face life. Capri is a person who always expects the worst of the worst, even from something that is silly. You can’t help it, you can’t stop being that way. But deep down he knows that, if that’s the case, he won’t get hurt in the end. He is one of those who defends not hoping for the best so as not to be so easily disappointed. Deep down, he’s absolutely right, but from time to time he needs a little more good vibes and to think about the good instead of the bad.

Capricorn needs to begin to focus much more on their strengths and forget all their weaknesses. He is a very special person, but he often forgets all those details that make him who he is. The worst thing about being a Capricorn is not knowing how to value yourself as you really deserve ...

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