What is the type pf person that attracts you according to your zodiac sign?


 What quality is the one that most attracts everyone? What does that ideal love have to have to make us lose our minds for it? There are many things, many qualities and endless reasons, that is true, but here is a brief summary of the person who most attracts each sign of the zodiac:


With you, life is always always fun. You are a person who needs to be constantly looking for new emotions, because leading an extremely calm life is not your thing ... You need someone who knows how to understand you and who does not want to change you, someone capable of following your flow ... What qualities do people have who the more they attract you? Adventurous character, having a good lose (because it is obvious that the first place is only yours) and transparency in every way.


You are a person of refined Taurus tastes and therefore, you want someone who is similar to you in that sense by your side. You are smart, loyal, you like relationships that are built on the solid foundations of true friendship, and to top it off, you can boast of being one of the few signs that can be trusted with your eyes closed. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Maturity, inner security and emotionality without overflowing


You are a restless ass that needs to be in constant motion, so as not to rust ... Gemini, you are a very dreamy person, very active and very advocate of seeking happiness wherever and whenever, but always with the best company. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Emotion in everything you do, have a very open mind and free of prejudices and have a more informal than formal character. Someone who is not afraid to break the rules.


You are attracted to people who are pure of soul, those who look into their eyes and who let their interior reflect in them ... You are very fond of people with character, like you, but who do not get to surpass you, because that It would be an assured conflict ... Cancer, you like love for the long term. There’s no more. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Honesty in every way, a lot of inner goodness and an endless number of very sensual qualities ... The crab, without passion, does not work as it really would like.


You are dynamite Leo, and of course, by your side there has to be a pillar that complements you a lot, that does not overshadow you ... You are a very creative person in terms of sexual relations and very intelligent and therefore, you need someone that he has a lot of inner security and that he is not afraid to take risks. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Generosity, a lot of waste of passion, a good gift of people and above all, kindness. That adds up to more than anything else.


You tend to end up around someone who needs good heart repair support. You tend to create very strong bonds with hearts that have had a bad time, hearts that now seek a safe place ... What qualities do the people have that attract you the most? Responsibility, maturity and the kind of generosity and perfect kindness. Someone who is not afraid to be detailed with those small non-material details that, later, are the ones that fall in love the most.


You are a very special Libra person and the people who attract you tend to always be even more special people, but almost always, with some drama that is not seen with the naked eye. You melt with causes that seem lost, with eyes that cause mystery, and with the quality of a kind heart. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Healthy ambition to want more, a good sense of humor, a good heart and above all, a pleasant character.


You are a heart full of passion and magnetism, magic and very dark desires. Scorpio ... You are very attracted to people who are intense, who have great challenges on their mind and who spread a lot of mystery ... What qualities do people have that you love the most? attract? They have to have a very genuine and open mind, a higher level of intelligence than other people, but NOT higher than yours, Scorpio and a lot of sensuality. May passion and desire never be lacking ...


You are a very funny, smiling person, friend of your friends and lover of adventure, but you always tend to be attracted to people who pose a challenge ... Complicated relationships but full of adventure are your thing. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Know how to take life with humor and always try to see the good side of things. Try to enjoy the small details of the day to day and above all, be sociable. The CELOS then intoxicate everything ...


You are the love that offers “that something” that everyone looks for in their relationships, and that very few people find Capricorn. You know how to be patient, but you also have a lot of character and, honestly, your look is loaded with a lot of mystery and that gives us a clue about you: in relationships, you give many unexpected surprises. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Ambition, honesty, intelligence and above all, maturity. And that touch of mystery that you also have ...


Even if you want to go unnoticed in a large group of people, you cannot Aquarius, your essence attracts everyone who is close to you ... People who do not pretend what they are, but you can be so many ... qualities do people have that attract you the most? MAGIC. In every sense. They have to have “that something” that makes them different ... The people who attract you are very generous profiles, with a huge depth in their eyes and with a very open mind.


You are a very deep Pisces soul, a very experienced soul and very addicted to always going against the tide. You really like love, you love the feeling you have when you connect with someone for the first time, because you taste magic in all aspects. You actually love connecting with people. What qualities do the people have that you are most attracted to? Calm character, have an open mind in every possible way and, above all, have a good romantic side. Sensuality is very key for you in your relationships, Pisces.

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