What Is the Temperament of the Zodiac Signs?


A person’s temperament is part of his character. Without going into complicated psychological depths, our temperament would be the way we interact with the environment, how we adapt to it, and above all, how we react to this environment. In the Zodiac, temperament is usually conditioned by the element to which we belong -Fire, Earth, Air, or Water- and by the qualities -Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable- in which the signs are also divided.

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The temperament of the Fire signs is the best known. They are energetic, passionate, impulsive people, and as such, they go through life and react to surrounding circumstances and the people with whom they interact. The energy flows at the mental level and from there the Fire signs impose themselves in an intense way. Their strong temperament makes them quarrelsome, intense, and passionate.

The Aries temperament is the loudest of the three Fire signs, perhaps because it represents the child of the Zodiac. We are fed up with hearing that Aries is very temperamental. And it is true. Aries has a temper and reacts with a temper. Strong and impulsive. Courageous and direct. The Sagittarius temperament hides great energy, which the archer draws out as it suits him, with a spectacular versatility to the circumstances. Leo, on the other hand, has a strong temperament from the beginning and is stubborn over time, which is more difficult to calm down. But passionate and impulsive like the rest of his Fire companions.

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The people of these signs are safe, practical, organized, and prudent. And jealous and possessive of their own, be it people or things. His temperament is firm and calm, but above all he is balanced. They are sensitive to their surroundings, but they react in a moderate way. And when it comes to acting, they take their time. Always reasoning and always putting some logic to what happens and his reaction.

All three Earth signs are very receptive to the environment. But getting their temper requires physical effort so they need the objective to be very clear. Their interior is strong and passionate but they know how to hold back to bring out only what they want. Taurus is the one that surprises the most because when he lets out his temperament, no one expects that with him he can leave the Aries in diapers. Virgo has a temperament that he controls due to his previous analysis of everything and his desire for perfection. Capricorn is pure caution but inside hides a volcano. That it controls perfectly so that it serves what it wants. And with his patience, he always acts at the right time, no more, no less.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

The temperament of the Air signs tends to move, like the people of this element, hence it is more variable but also more flexible. This temperament could be defined as nervous and apathetic, but at the same time rational and intuitive.

Geminis, Libra, and Aquarius are nervous but calm at the same time. Because of their temperament, they never lose their roles, they get relatively little angry and tend to like everyone. They are there for others when necessary but they spend a bit of everything. They go to their roll. It could not be said that they are temperamental as such. The truth is that they have a balanced temperament to get what they want.

Gemini acts with the environment in a very intellectual way. Libra with his good taste and Aquarius with his talent. All three are very intuitive and bring out their temper as they feel like putting some meat on the grill is necessary. But they don’t leave it exposed for long. They fly from one thing to another and take everything with them. Their temperament and their way of being with which they deepen in life what they believe is fair.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

In Water signs, sensitivity and mood swings are characteristic, which gives these signs a temperament directly connected to their emotions. They will therefore be sentimental, melancholic, and with a certain tendency to dejection. Inside, these signs perceive everything raised to the maximum power but they react to the environment feeling more if possible and taking out only the part of which they feel most secure.

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces let themselves be loved more than looking like crazy for someone to love. It is because of his emotional temperament but with a strong sense of self-protection. It is because of the dreams that surround them and because of their fear that they cannot come true or that they will come true (when they hide a fear).

The most representative example of the melancholic temperament of the Water signs is Cancer. Scorpio will also have this type of temperament but the strength of other characteristics of his sign makes him be more warrior with the environment. His temperament is passionate and highly resistant to adverse circumstances. For its part, Pisces is the one who has the kindest temperament of the three, but also the most unstable.

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