What is the secret that makes people disappear from your life?


It seems that lately that of “ghosting” or disappearing without a trace has become very fashionable. Love has changed, a lot. When before it was normal to give explanations, now people prefer to leave you in ‘read’ and not even explain what is happening. It is true that there are signs that are more likely to disappear without giving signs than others, but in reality, anyone can do it. Keep reading to discover what the secret is so that it does not disappear from your life according to its sign:


If Aries disappears it is because surely he got excited very quickly and just as quickly he has realized that this is nonsense. He is a very impulsive and spontaneous person and if he sees something that he does not like or that does not fit in his mind, he leaves. When things start to get tough, it completely disappears. He does not do it with the intention of doing harm, he just is.

To prevent it from disappearing from your life, what you have to do is be constantly adding fuel to the fire, keeping Aries interested, constantly awakening passion. Aries needs someone who is active 24/7. Therefore, it is important that you do your part, that you plan adventures every two by three, that you are not afraid to try new things. The secret so that it does not disappear is that it does not get bored.


It is true that there is very little chance that a Taurus will play like this with you and disappear without telling you anything, but like everything in this life, it can happen. Taurus is a super loyal sign and if you start in a relationship, you will do everything possible to make it last as long as possible. But he is a very stubborn person and if the idea that it does not work enters his head, he may disappear without showing signs of life.

There is nothing you can do to change his mind, sorry ... The best advice to prevent it from disappearing is to avoid the drama in any way. Do not seek a fight, or conflict, do not even throw things in his face that are not relevant. Dating Taurus can be amazing, but you have to make sure you measure up to them. If you look for arguments every two by three, in the end who will end up suffering will be you.


If you are dating or intend to date Gemini’s, you have to prepare because he can disappear at any time. He is a very changeable and super flexible person. You are always here and there and you need to keep your mind distracted at all times. Gemini does not want to hurt you, nor does he want to fool himself, but he gets bored very easily and if he disappears it is because you are not giving him everything he needs.

It’s very difficult to keep up, so making a Gemini not disappear is tricky. But it can. The secret so that it does not disappear is to open your mind, know how to keep up with it and, above all, help you stay calm. Although it may not seem like it, Gemini’s need stability and as much as they want to have fun, if they meet a person who transmits peace to them, they will stay by their side forever.


Cancer is a very sensitive person. On the inside, he can be a very emotional person, but on the outside, he has a very hard shell to protect himself. Cancer finds it very difficult to open up because she is afraid of being hurt. If the crab disappears it is because he does not want to get too involved so that in the end they end up breaking his heart again. To prevent Cancer from disappearing, what you have to do from the beginning is to transmit a lot of security. Let him know that he can trust you, that you are not running away from his emotions, and that you are willing to understand his emotions. If Cancer feels safe when he is with you, he will not run away for the world. So that it doesn’t go away, you have to do everything you can not to hurt their feelings.


In love, Leo can be an incredible person. When she’s on a date or dating someone, she’s in her sauce. He is capable of captivating anyone with his magnetism, with his stories, with his personality. But it is true, that Leo is good for one-night stands and there are many times that he runs away from commitment. It depends a lot on what phase he is in, but a Leo is probably just looking for fun, because he wants to be open to other options and meeting new people. For Leo not to disappear, you have to have impressed him a lot. The secret is to work it out from the get-go. with Leo it will not be easy ... He is looking for something more than a simple partner to keep him company. Look for a person who surprises and impresses you at every moment. Someone who knows how to value him / her but who also knows how to truly value love.


It is true that Virgo is known to be a super committed person in their relationships. But in reality, it can be one of the signs most likely to disappear because it is able to detect from the first moment what is wrong in your relationship. He is a very intelligent and analytical person and prefers to leave as soon as possible rather than get involved in a relationship that he knows is going to go wrong. It is going to be difficult to convince Virgo not to disappear.

The secret to not running away is to be a super grateful person, don’t be afraid to show Virgo that you really care about the relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask for forgiveness, to accept your mistakes and to speak things respectfully and calmly. Even if the relationship is not perfect, if Virgo sees that you do your part, he will stay because after all, he also likes to be in love ...


It’s very easy for Libra to run away when they see something they don’t like. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he also doesn’t want to get into fights and have to talk things out seriously. This is why Libra prefers to go out the back door, without disturbing anyone and without causing problems. Above all, Libra will disappear if he sees with his own eyes that the relationship is becoming too close and if he is completely losing his independence. The secret so that he does not leave is to find the balance between leaving him his space and giving him the love he needs.be careful, it won’t be easy. Because Libra knows what they want, but rarely will they say it. You will have to be a person who listens to him 100% every time he speaks and who analyzes every word that comes out of his mouth well. But really if Libra sees that you pay attention to him and that you are there by his side, he will not disappear for the world.


Before seriously dating a person, Scorpio collects all the data and information about that person. It is not surprising that he searches your name on Google and wants to know what you did in your past and everything that has to do with you. If he finds out something he doesn’t like about you, he will run away forever and want to know absolutely nothing about you. The secret so that Scorpio does not disappear from your life is, precisely, not to keep secrets. If at any time he talks about something that you did not know that Scorpio knew, continue as if nothing and do not be afraid to talk about it. Do not hide anything from him because sooner or later he will find out and it will be worse than you imagine. It is better to talk about everything, openly and leaving things very clear from the beginning. With Scorpio there are no secrets.


Everyone already knows that Sagittarius is not the most committed sign of the Zodiac. For this reason, it is to be expected that it will disappear easily. He is a person who moves in search of fun and adventure. She has a hard time committing because she hates losing her freedom and having to depend on someone else. As soon as he sees that he begins to lose that adored freedom, he runs away. This is Sagittarius. The secret so that it does not disappear is to let it fly high and, above all, make it clear from the beginning that you are never going to steal its freedoms. Show him that no matter how far he goes, you will always welcome him with open arms. Don’t be in a hurry to make your relationship formal, or to make it all official. Sagittarius, this is something that can overwhelm him a lot and that he does not like when he is trying to see what his feelings are ...


Capricorn is a person who is very concerned about his future. The truth is, you don’t want to waste your precious time in a relationship that you know is going nowhere. If he disappears, it is because he believes that the relationship has no future and prefers to leave before it is too late. If he sees something he doesn’t like about you, he will quickly lose interest. The trick to keeping Capri from disappearing is to be clear about what you want up front. If he sees that your relationship is feasible, it is difficult for him to run away. Capricorn greatly appreciates honesty, so it is important that you always go with the truth ahead. And above all, do not relax. He is very appreciative of those people who go out of their way to give their all in the relationship.


You may think that Aquarius is one of the signs that ghosts the most or that disappear the most without showing signs of life. But in reality, if Aquarius has feelings for someone, it will be difficult for them to disappear. The only reason Aquarius will flee will be when he sees that you are not respecting his freedom and if he feels misunderstood when he is by your side. Aquarius does not have the need to suffer and prefers to run away before you end up hurting his heart.

To prevent Aquarius from disappearing, what you have to do is keep their interest alive and do everything possible to understand their crazy ideas. It will not be easy to understand him, mainly because he does not usually speak openly about his fears or his feelings. But you have to try to show him that nothing is wrong and that you are going to stay by his side, even if he is the most different person in the world.


Pisces has pretty high expectations in love. Although he is very infatuated, he knows perfectly what he wants in a relationship and what he does not want. If it disappears without showing signs of life, it is because it has realized that you will not be able to exceed those expectations. And he prefers to leave before you end up hurting him or he / she hurts you because of his dreams.

The secret so that it does not disappear is to go little by little and know how to value your heart from the first moment. You are a very emotional person, so you will need time to manage your emotions. But if he sees that you are there, that you always support him, that you leave him his space to manage his things, he will never leave. Give him time to discover what he is feeling, but at the same time, stay by his side to appreciate how wonderful his heart is.

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