What is the reason you feel misunderstood as a girlfriend according to your zodiac sign?


No matter how well we are with our partner, there is no perfect relationship, and that is why at some point we can feel misunderstood and even unappreciated by the person we love. Most likely, they are specific moments, but let’s go what makes you feel this way according to your zodiac sign ...


If you are telling an interesting story to your family or friends, you feel very bad that your partner interrupts you and does not appreciate or respect the enthusiasm you put into them. Honestly, Aries, nothing can lower your feelings and, incidentally, your libido than this, although most likely your partner will find out and learn not to screw up in this regard ...


Dear Taurus, nothing can make you feel worse with your partner than they take your feelings lightly every time you show your emotions. You are always very attentive, and more when it comes to your partner, and if there is something that can make you feel very misunderstood by the person you love, it is that they do not attend to your emotional requests when you really need it.


You are not possessive at all, Gemini, in fact, you like each member of the couple to maintain their independence and space. However, if there is something that can make you feel bad, it is that your partner makes decisions that concern both of you without consulting you in advance. This kills you inside because you would never do it, that you are not the typical heavy girlfriend does not mean that you do not take your love into account when it comes to something important ...


You are very respectful in terms of the likes and hobbies of your partner, because in the end if you fall in love it is because you are able to accept the other person as they are. For this reason, when your partner disparages the things that you are truly passionate about, you feel disappointed and even frustrated from time to time. The good thing is that you will not shut up and most likely you will put a solution immediately.


Oops Leonine, it is nothing new that when you fall in love you give absolutely everything, and you are always ready to help your partner in whatever he needs. Because of this, you feel unappreciated when you are struggling to achieve something and the love of your life offers no help. Chances are you don’t need her because you’re super self-reliant, but just feeling her support makes you feel good.


If there is something that you cannot bear in a relationship, it is that they are on top of you when you feel bad. Who knows you well and loves you should leave you alone to vent and calm down. You may even get angry for no reason, but even to realize that you need your time and space. The person who has a romantic relationship with you must learn and accept this facet of you ...


Libra Girl, if there is something that can make you very bad about your partner, it is that you constantly talk about her without stopping to ask you about you or how your day has gone. It is good that one day you can be excited and that it is overlooked, but if this becomes a habit you get cold and you are very disappointed. You give the same as you expect, neither more nor less ...


Oops Scorpio, it is better for your partner not to comment on anything about your weight, your hair or your general appearance in any way that is not positive because Troy can burn directly. If they are to raise morale, the comments will be accepted, but if it is to touch your self-esteem, it is better not to speak. It would not cross your mind to do this to the person you love, and that is why when faced with a negative comment you feel undervalued ... You do well not to allow it!


Sagittarius woman, you would never ignore the messages of your partner, and that is why it hurts so much that at one point it can do this to you. Although you are a free and very adventurous soul, you are very clear about your priorities, and among them is not the person you love. Even if you do it without bad intention, in your head this type of thing does not fit, you are one of those who think that whoever loves you gives you the importance you have and it really is not wrong at all.


Let’s see dear Capricorn, although you like things clear, you also know how to be subtle if you have to say something that you know can make your partner feel bad, and precisely because of this, if the opposite happens, you feel disappointed. It is clear that you are not perfect, but it bothers you a lot that they highlight every little thing that you may not do so well. This not only irritates you, but it can even extinguish the flame of love that that same person previously lit.


That your partner ignores your ideas directly kills you Aquarius, you are a girlfriend who gives herself a lot when she finally falls in love. You try to make that person who has won your heart feel good at all times, and that is why you turn off when you do not feel that you are listened to and understood enough by them. Aquarius is normal, however, it is something that you can probably make your partner understand without getting older ...


Oh Pisces, you have a lot of endurance as a couple, but if there is something that you do not overlook, it is that he makes jokes at your expense to look good in front of his friends. With you this NO, you are very sensitive and also very respectful with everyone, so it is better for the person who is with you not to think of it. You really like jokes and jokes, but not like that, not at your expense and much less if it is in bad taste.

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