What Is the Perfect Plan for Halloween According to Your Zodiac Sign?


Although this year’s Halloween is going to be very different from the previous years, we can still do things for fun. This year, in addition, that night will surprise us with an incredible Full Moon that will make us feel more witches and witches than ever. It is true that you have to be a little careful because Mercury retrograde continues to do its thing, but it is the perfect night to have fun. This is the perfect plan for Halloween according to your zodiac sign:


Without a doubt, Aries, you like risk and since this year it is difficult to leave home and enjoy this night of terror 100%, the best thing to do is to do a horror movie marathon. Either alone or accompanied. If you can call a friend, all the better, because that way, in addition to enjoying that adrenaline rush, you also have a laugh. You love to feel how your heart rate starts to race when you feel like there is going to be a scare. Even if you are dying of fear and you know that that night you will not be able to sleep, you adore the sensation that runs through your body with a scary movie.


Food always has to be present in any plan, Taurus, and you know it. This year, as it is difficult to make special dinners, you will have to cook at home. The perfect excuse to prepare your favorite food adding a touch of terror. Let it be noted that we are on Halloween. You already know that Halloween night is characterized by the game of ‘trick or treat?’, So do something to be able to play without leaving the house. Anything to do with food or sweets is welcome, Taurus.


This Halloween is the perfect opportunity to bring out your creative side, Gemini. This is the perfect plan for Halloween according to your sign: Since you can’t party, you have to take advantage of what you have in your head. Prepare a special night at home, give it a touch of terrifying decoration and make up some fun and daring game to play with whoever you can. Even if you dare, Gemini, make up some ghost or spirit story to scare your friends.

You are a specialist in inventing dramas and there is no doubt that this is going to be great for you. Since you can’t be the life of the party, you’ll have to do whatever it takes to make your people laugh.


This year, Cancer, your Halloween is going to be more mystical and spiritual than ever. You are a sign ruled by the Moon and this year there is a Full Moon that same day. You may already have other plans in mind, but it would be ideal if you take a little time for yourself. This year you can even get scared of the energy that you are going to notice throughout your body.

If you are a daring Cancer, the perfect plan for you this year would be to do something that puts you more in touch with the spirit world but be very careful. Getting in touch with the other world is not silly. In any case, it would be perfect if you had some time to meditate, to be with yourself, and to listen to your intuition.


You love being the center of attention, surprising with an incredible costume, preparing the best plan of all, and that everyone wants to be your friend, but this year everything changes. You can’t do what you would like to do, but nothing happens. Prepare an incredible costume, the kind that leaves everyone speechless, and invite some friends if you can.

Have a costume party but with a super limited capacity, Leo. Take some photos and upload them to your Instagram so that people will be surprised to see that you, even in such difficult moments, can shine. That the world won’t let your party? Nothing happens, you will prepare whatever it is to be able to have a good time.


You are a brave person and this Halloween seems a bit absurd to you. You are not afraid of anything or that you make others understand. Deep down, yes, some things scare you, but you know that, when you go to sleep, you will sleep comfortably without giving it too much thought. Spending this Halloween at home for you is not an impediment, so the best thing you can do is put on a horror movie, series, or documentary based on real events. It has to be something that you think has happened in reality because otherwise, it seems silly. Since it’s such a special night, at least treat yourself to a little scary.


The truth is that not being able to spend as much time with your friends as you would like is making you suffer a lot. This Halloween actually doesn’t matter to you, it’s just another excuse to party with your friends and have a good time. This year everything is very complicated, Libra, so you have to find a plan that adapts to the situation. Whenever it is a plan to be with your friends, either physically or through a screen. Something that also has to do with dressing up as something super elegant and getting ready for the occasion. You love that.


For you, Scorpio, Halloween means being in your sauce. You love everything that has to do with the dark, the unknown, the spiritual, etc ... Therefore, any plan is welcome. You are attracted to everything that has to do with mystery and this year you are going to take advantage of that social distancing to go to abandoned places, places in your city that hide a story of fear behind you. You love a good horror story and, at some point in your life, you want to star in your own. This Halloween is the perfect one to give your life a bit of adrenaline.


Not being able to party is bothering you a lot, Sagittarius. You really miss getting home at midnight after a night full of laughter and good times. Meanwhile, you will have to do those parties at home. The perfect plan for Halloween according to your sign, Sagittarius, is to celebrate it indoors. If you can invite someone, do so, always respecting the distance, but if not, nothing happens. Prepare a good dinner, with a large glass of wine or whatever you like the most and enjoy, Sagi. Every cloud has a silver lining.


In general, for you Halloween is not a party that attracts you too much attention, Believing in spirits and those things is not that it attracts you much. You are more than believing in what you can see with your own eyes. Take advantage of that night to disconnect from the world, your problems, and the problems of others.

Turn off the television, even if you can, put your phone on silence all night, and prepare the plan that you most want, as long as there is food involved. It doesn’t have to be scary, just treat yourself. That same night there is a Full Moon and what better way than to prepare a relaxing bath in the light of the Moon ...


On nights as special as this one, Aquarius, you like to feel closer than ever to your people. Therefore, the perfect plan for this Halloween according to your sign is to meet with your friends or your people (if you can) and prepare a cinema session with scary movies. Watching your favorite movies and noticing how they give you goosebumps. That is the perfect way to spend a night like this. It would not be a bad thing if you ordered dinner at your favorite restaurant and also indulged yourself. There is no one who forbids you to stay up late, fully enjoying that special and mysterious night.


Of all the zodiac signs, Pisces, it could be said that you are the one with the most psychic powers. You are able to go beyond what you see, hear or feel. Tonight is very special to you. The perfect plan, since this year you have to try to stay at home, is to bring all those powers to light. If you dare, try to contact your deepest self or even, Pisces, go one step further and connect with the other “side”. Always very careful. You love anything to do with extrasensory so it’s the perfect night to put yourself to the test.

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