What Is the Only Thing Missing in the Love Life of Virgo?


Virgo is a very perfectionist person and when it comes to finding love they are not far behind. He is one of those people who like to have everything very tied up so he does not usually look at extremely mysterious people. Virgo always keeps an eye on people who seem as transparent as possible at first. Virgo does not like surprises and more if they are disappointing, that is why Virgo always has to make sure who he is dealing with. It is Virgo’s way of protecting itself, if you like it well and if not, also ...

If Virgo is single, they may want to stay in this state for a very long time. When Virgo is single, he does not have the need to open his heart, he has neither need nor desire ... He prefers to be alone because he knows that this way they will not be able to do him any harm. He is a person who likes to have his feet on the ground and that is fine, but if he continues like this for a long time he will miss a lot of things in this life. If Virgo is not willing to open up, he will not be able to experience the new things that love can bring him and that is what he lacks in his love life.

Virgo needs to experience things that they have never experienced, that is, they need thousands of emotions to be awakened inside, but the only way to do it is by opening up to love.
Virgo will not take long to realize, he is a very intelligent person, but it will be difficult for him to trust others, since the world is full of false people who are only bags of shit.

The problem that Virgo has when he is in a couple is not very different from when he is single, and it is that it costs him a lot to open up. Virgo knows that for something to work in the long term, you must fully trust that special someone, but it costs you a lot. Virgo is very afraid to open his heart and be torn to pieces, that does not mean that he is not a sincere person, he simply keeps things for him / her. That can be a double-edged sword because there will come a point that Virgo can’t take it anymore and explode and it will do so in a way from which its partner will not come out very well. Virgo doesn’t want that, so what is lacking in Virgo’s love life is communication, fucking communication.

Everyone boasts that they are very good at communicating with their partner, but many more people have this problem than you think. What Virgo has to do is talk about everything with their partner, every time something feels wrong, when something feels good, tell each other both the good and the bad and in that way they will create a fucking enviable connection.

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