What is the most terrifying thing according to your zodiac sign?


It doesn’t matter how kind, compassionate, and threatening the zodiac signs can get. There is still something about their personalities that can be truly scary. Nobody is good or bad, and most people are a bit of both ... Don’t take your eyes off the screen if you want to discover what is the scariest of the zodiac signs ...


Aries can be very scary because of his temperament, because he can come out of nowhere when you least expect it. No matter how much effort you make to confront Aries, there is no way to prepare for his anger. It is something almost supernatural, his impulses make everyone fear his outbursts of anger and rage.

 When Aries gets angry it can be quite scary. He becomes a very conflictive person, everything that goes through his little head is released through his little mouth. His words are very hurtful and can hurt someone a lot. Aries knows it, but it is impossible for him to control all this, when his anger wakes up he does it to destroy everything around him ...


Taurus stubbornness can be really scary. When he / she is clear about their ideas and decides to do something, it is almost impossible for them to change their opinion. He is a person who always believes he is right even when he sees that he is not right. On many occasions, if you try to contradict him, Taurus can be a bit aggressive. He cannot bear not being right.

He is a person who will not give in. It is true that his stubbornness will help him achieve all his goals, but it is a scary thing when you have to confront him / her for whatever reason.


The reason why Geminis can get really scared is because they are very good with lies. Most people take for granted that this is part of their personality duality and to say that Gemini has two faces is almost natural, but it is not entirely so.

Geminis do not like lying at all, it is just a necessary evil. Geminis enjoy gossiping and talking about other people, but they always justify it by saying that they love it when people think they’re doing it maliciously. Geminis does it with the intention of having fun and that is what makes it scary because it is not known how far it can go.


Cancer can be terrifying because of that unhealthy possessiveness. He is a very emotional person and sometimes the fear of losing that special someone makes him quite clingy. You don’t want to be suffocating, but it is very difficult for him / her to let go of someone they love and that can lead to truly toxic relationships.

Conflicts before the breakup, the breakup, and the moments after it are extremely emotional times for Cancer, and you can’t help but put more pressure on your partner. He does it unintentionally, but it gets so heavy that it is scary, a terrifying fear.


Leo isn’t usually the drama queen of the zodiac, but when it gets too dramatic it can be downright scary. If you are in a very bad mood you can explode with the simplest thing in the world. He will interpret it as if it were a very hard blow, as if it were the greatest betrayal in the world.

Leo is not boring at all, but when the drama takes over, he can become quite repetitive. You should learn that not all emotions should escalate as he / she does and not all actions are cause for conflict. Until you learn it, you will continue to mount those terrifying and unnecessary dramas.


Virgo’s need for everything to be perfect is what scares him / her the most. It’s okay to have ridiculously high expectations for yourself, but when you include someone else it’s not as good as it sounds. He becomes a very demanding person and that ends up tiring people, so much that they end up disappearing from their lives.

Virgo cannot stop looking for faults and mistakes in others. Their criticisms are usually constructive, at least from their point of view, but not everyone sees it that way. That is why their criticisms can become terrifying for the person who is suffering them. It is beyond intimidating to be around someone who is continually judging you.


Although Libra may seem like the most peaceful person in the world, the way they hold a grudge can be quite scary. He is a person who knows how to enhance the virtues of others, he always tends to look at the positive side of things and remove the bad, but when they hurt him he lists everything bad that they have done to him and keeps it inside.

No matter how compassionate a Libra may be, he does not feel much empathy with those who may have done him some harm. It’s practically impossible, but don’t rule out Libra turning that grudge into revenge, and doubt is the scariest thing of all.


What is really scary about Scorpios is that they like things too macabre. He / she is a person who is satisfied with watching documentaries and television programs about crimes, he / she needs to feel and experience. Therefore, you will always see him investigating the crimes closest to his city and if he can visit the crime scene better. Everything that has to do with the forbidden attracts him a lot.

That chill you feel every time you start researching something new and scary is a feeling you don’t want to stop feeling. The gift he has to analyze everything they see is terrifying and chilling for others ...


The most scary thing about Sagittarius is the commitment they have for things because most of the time it is zero. He is one of those people who one moment is doing what he promised, and the next, he has completely forgotten. He does not like at all to have the feeling that he is being tied up.

Sagittarius in this regard can be quite irresponsible and careless. And of course, then come the conflicts. Sagi, forgets that in addition to living life as he / she wants, he also has responsibilities and this makes everyone fear having a relationship with him / her because you never know where he / she will turn out.


Capricorn can be quite scary because of how detached they can be emotionally. It’s one thing to keep your emotions under control when you have to have them, but the problem with Capricorn is that he always has them under his belt.

Capri can be extremely focused on maintaining control in such a way that it can turn off her feelings. He does it because he knows that for his way of being it is the best, worse sometimes this makes others not open with him / her because it seems that they are talking to a wall and that is quite scary.


If there is something that is truly afraid of Aquarius, it is how contradictory it can be. You can passionately search for arguments for something that you don’t care about at all and within five minutes throw all your arguments in the trash. What people don’t know is that they have a privileged mind, a mind that allows them to see different perspectives and that is why they seem to be contradicting themselves.

Aquarius can get very angry when people make him look like an idiot, when the idiots are others. He / she knows perfectly what his / her ideas are, the only thing that he / she knows how to listen and soak up knowledge, he / she knows perfectly well that he / she can be wrong, that is why he / she always pays attention to everything that happens around him / her and changes his / her mind if he / she has to.


What is truly terrifying about Pisces is that negative thought they have. There are times when you become extremely pessimistic, especially when things don’t go as planned.

Pisces has suffered a lot of disappointments, but they never get used to that feeling. It is a great challenge for him / her to look from the optimistic side. Everything will seem dark and unfair to you, this for others is quite scary. Entering a world where there is no light is quite scary and Pisces should realize all the good in life to leave all the bad behind.

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