What Is the Most Endearing Part of Virgo?


To know first-hand what it feels like to be with someone you can trust with your eyes closed, you have to have the luck and the opportunity to spend time with someone like you Virgo. That’s right, you are one of the few people who, today, remains true to herself, transparent and honest in a world full of cynicism, lies, evil and people more toxic than a mushroom of suspicious colors. Virgo, seriously, thank you for that strong scent.

Your NON-verbal language says and shows much more than your Virgo words and you can’t help it. Even if you want to impose a cold and strong armor so that people have a little respect (and some fear, as well, as a barrier so that they do not hurt you) when they meet you for the first time, you do not get it at all ... You can not Nor will you be able to cover up all that suspicious goodness that you always carry with you with anything Virgo, that is part of your essence. You inspire confidence and even the people who hate you the most, swallow their pride and recognize it, because it is idiotic not to know that Virgos are the most honored in the zodiac.

Your most endearing part and the most admired by everyone who knows you is your reliability.
People who have the privilege of being able to enter your life are people who go through a very peculiar Virgo process. You know which one is? Look, even if they don’t know you first, something very special happens to them ... They feel like a feeling of peace and tranquility that cannot be explained in words. Seriously, it’s like they have a sense of immediate compatibility that doesn’t just come out of nowhere. You transmit a lot of confidence Virgo, your eyes have a very special transparency, seriously, many people would kill to have the brightness they have and to be able to enjoy that clean and pure background that, to this day, they still have ...

How to fall in love with an honest person? Very easy, looking a Virgo in the eye and letting yourself be carried away by their magic. No more no less.

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