What is the most endearing part of taurus?


If we talk about you, the first thing that comes to mind is the word RESPONSIBILITY. This is Taurus, your way of seeing life and doing things is very different from those of others, because you are one of the few people who know how to commit to what is really important and nothing else.

You are a very practical person, you do not like commitments by obligation and you are not here and there aimlessly or changing your mind every two by three. You are very firm with your decisions and you like to act being very faithful to your essence. If you commit to someone, you don’t back down at the last minute or do anything on your own. Taurus, working as a team with you is a fucking wonder, because truly, you are the clear example of fair play and perfection in person.

Your most endearing part and the most admired by everyone who knows you is that, your capacity for commitment.
People who have the privilege of being part of your life have in their hands one of the greatest treasures you can have. Something to take care of for life, because you are very special Taurus. Having your confidence for life is a fucking gift from heaven and best of all, your people know it well. Those who do not let you escape are more cunning than a classy bitch, because they know that you are a Taurus rough diamond, they know that your friendship is pure gold ...

You inspire a lot of confidence in others. To those who know you and those who do not Taurus, seriously, the good vibes and the light that you deposit in the darkness of people who do not know how to organize is amazing. There are no big projects that intimidate you, there are no small challenges that you know little by little ... With you there are no theaters, falsehoods or false performances, you are not one of those, it is not going to pretend or make you see that you are someone who you are not really and these are very solid bases to undertake a safe and strong path.

You have a very special Taurus gift, much greater than everyone thinks. I hope that your little gestures would change the world for a fucking time. I wish….

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