What Is the Most Endearing Part of Scorpio?


Wanting is power, and believing is also. For you, there are no impossibilities that can stop you, or situations or people that cannot be renewed and you know it. Your most endearing part and the one most admired by everyone who knows you is your ability to believe in second chances. We know that it is very difficult to maintain your Scorpio confidence, we also know that the path to reach it is complicated, but NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. You believe in second chances because you believe in revolutions and in people who are capable of reinvesting themselves to always get better. FOREVER.

Those who really know you, know how you are and how much you like to be from here to there. You are not the typical person who conforms or is anchored in a fixed place for life. Not at all Scorpio, you value the power you have to reinvent yourself whenever you want and more.

But as with everything in life, there are times when it fails and that frustrates you too much even if you don’t like to admit it ... There are opportunities that don’t usually work as expected and what is your reaction? Do not suffer for it and look for another alternative. Another idea, another stream, another opportunity or another place or place to go to start over from scratch ...

You are not afraid of change, what scares you is your own inner change. Stop being you, let yourself be influenced by the rest, be one more fucking sheep in this whole herd ... of second chances you are not afraid of anything except all that. To stop being a Scorpio in its purest form due to some specific downturn of the moment.
The good thing here is that, thank God, you have enough inner strength to stop eight hundred trains loaded with Scorpio fears and impediments and you know it. The best thing about all this is that you inspire Scorpio, you make fears nothing more than mini nightmares that will disappear completely over time. Hopefully, and more people like you. More open-minded people willing to embrace second chances whenever possible. There is no need to anchor yourself in a fucking failure. Because that’s the key and you know it. I wish everyone would see that at the end of any tunnel, there is always an exit space. Not all of them are seen the first time, not all of them are easy and very big, but there they are and you know it, Scorpio.

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