What Is the Most Endearing Part of Pisces?


There are people who see weaknesses as a sign of weakness, as if it were something negative and, honestly Pisces, these people are uneducated beyond belief. Society has a very wrong concept when we talk about vulnerabilities. Almost everyone believes that it is something negative, but what they do not know is that they themselves are the ones who can make you the strongest person on earth.

Pisces, you know very well that your vulnerabilities are at the same time the source of energy that gives your heart a lot of strength. They are the ones who are in charge of reminding you that you are human, that you are going to make all the mistakes you can and more and that, for better or for worse, there is one life and you have to make the most of it.

You are not afraid of being like this because that is what differentiates you from others and because you are not afraid of anything that has to do with the deepest part of your heart ... The very deep and eternal oceans are the ones that most attract your attention Pisces , you move like a fish in water in them, the same happens with this topic, it doesn’t make you feel bad at all ...

Your most endearing part and the one most admired by everyone who knows you is your sensitivity. Your most vulnerable part.
Each and every one of the gestures that appear on your face when you are worried about someone or when you are getting down to work to do one of your own. This is Pisces, you may not agree on this, but it is the truth. People admire the delicacy of your heart. The kindness you can have even with people who don’t deserve it. That part so vulnerable and so strong at the same time, the same that does not let you be a devil with people who have been mean to you ... That is Pisces, your people find that quality so pure and sincere tremendously endearing.

Without you knowing it, you attract them to you, because they see that by your side they will not be judged in a bad way, they will not be abandoned, much less, damaged in full consciousness. That’s right, obviously if you propose to be a shark you are and with capital letters, it is clear, but if you do harm it is not on purpose, almost never

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