What Is the Most Endearing Part of Libra?


The best thing about you is that you are very faithful to your own balance and that you do not allow yourself to be conditioned by others. Example: give the causality that a friend of yours is being unfair to someone. What would you do, dance the water to that friend so that he feels good and so that he continues with his injustice? Not to mention, there you do not mince words and, in the best possible way, you do whatever it takes to change that friend’s opinion and to make him do what you would do in his place ... It may sound somewhat selfish to many people , but there is, it is that without your effect there is no justice and without justice everything goes to shit ...

You do not condition people, you teach them and give them the opportunity to become better people. You only put the theory, but your people are the ones who have to put the practice and you know it.

Your most endearing part and the most admired by everyone who knows you is your balance for everything in life.
That sense of justice that prevents you from being someone very cynical and closed-minded. Libra , thanks to you the weakest are not left without a voice. Thanks to you, there are always more possibilities to think of new alternatives to problems that are repetitive. Seriously, there should be more people with that ability that you have to always look at the good and bad side of everything. They should learn from you, open their minds more and stop being extremists for everything. You know very well that neither the good is that good and that neither the bad is that bad and for that reason, you will never stop looking for the balance for everything.

Moreover, many times you have had “problems” with people you know because those same people are dying of envy to see how you help someone who is not from your circle of people, or who is not a saint of their devotion ... That’s what Nice of you Libra, you are not selective when it comes to helping, whoever the person is sweating you, because if they need justice, you will be there to give it to them.

Seriously Libra, people find it very endearing that you adopt such a short stance and that you bring justice for everything equally. Your people admire that you do not give in to blackmail first, that you defend everyone’s equality to the death and that haters who say that “you just go from here to there with everyone” sweat you ... Maybe YOU don’t You know it, but if today equality still exists, goodness, it is all thanks to you Libra.

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