What Is the Most Endearing Part of Leo?


Your personality leaves no one indifferent Leo, you are one of the few people who cause an effect even with your eyes closed. You would not go unnoticed or with the best of all costumes, because your essence leaves its mark wherever it goes. The security you give off and the protection you spend whenever you can is water on a very dry day for people who have the privilege of being part of your life. Knowing you may be a privilege, but having you and enjoying your company is the secret ingredient that gives LIGHT to a life without flavor and without joy.

There will be people who still think that you are arrogance in person. Possibly there will also be many people who think that you are all pride, prejudice and many other things, but even those same hater people of life know that you have a heart that does not fit in your Leo chest.

Your most endearing part and the one most admired by everyone who knows you is your generosity. There are no limits when it comes to helping or being there for others.
You don’t have a fucking filter that makes you exclude someone, that prevents you from helping or that makes you be someone who is not really Leo and you know it. Obviously you have your favorite people in a much more privileged place, but you know that in the end you can end up helping even those who least deserve it ... Your heart does NOT allow you to carry out an omission of help or help because your conscience does not I’d let you sleep in peace

You know how to take revenge, what’s more, you have done it many times, but all with more than justified causes, and even so, afterwards you have a bitter taste in your mouth ... You know that you could not be a devil even by going to a school to be trained for it.

Underneath all that layer of a cradle leader, arrogant and believed to be the owner of the world, there is a person with great generosity, with a lot of good vibes, with a heart bigger than the five continents united and one of the best supporters of the whole zodiac. Hopefully more people with your inner Leo strength, hopefully more people with your heart. Not the same, because matching you is impossible, but they could learn more from you. Maybe that way everything would be better ...

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