What Is the Most Endearing Part of Gemini?


“The most beautiful people are the most envied.” Oh Gemini, how much truth is there in this sentence, right? You are a very beautiful person because there is not a fucking stain that can hide a single bit of your personality. Yes, you are transparent to the core and although this is a factor that has caused you some problems many times, it is actually a virtue. A privilege, a gift from heaven Gemini, I wish there were more transparency in this world of madmen.

Your most endearing part and the most admired by everyone who knows you is your naturalness. Obviously there will be people who have some horror of you, others who hate you and people who are more nervous with you than a child on their birthday. It is true and you know it, it does not bother you or affect you because in reality that sweats you a lot, but the majority wins who appreciates that you are so spontaneous for everything. You say what you think without a filter most of the time and if you don’t do it instantly, you will do it later, but you characterize yourself by not shutting up a single one.

You are faithful to what you feel and although for others you change your mind more than underwear, it makes you sweat again, because you say and do what you have.
You would rather be true to your heart than cut yourself off or shut up for fear of what others might think. No more no less. You prefer to be true to your essence without disrespecting anyone, than to keep quiet about something that will surely end up poisoning you inside.

People who are with you to death stay with you because they know that your friendship is pure. They know you Gemini, they know that you have a very crazy impulsiveness. There are many times that you have hurt yourself because of their fault, there are many other times when you have had a very bad time because of that ...

You have been unlucky enough to come across false friends who have taken this attitude of you as something negative, you know… Isn’t that the toxic people we’ve been warning you about for so long? Think about it, Geminis, because the people who really love you are the ones who really appreciate it, the ones who stay with you despite everything ... To death, to fire, with you by the hand, until the end.

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