What Is the Most Endearing Part of Capricorn?


You are independent, but in your own way. They say you’re a cold person, but you have no fucking idea. You are one of the few people today who knows what it is like to have to fight hard to trust and really believe in who you are. This is Capricorn, you are very true to yourself and believe it or not, you inspire a lot around you ...

Your most endearing part and the one most admired by everyone who knows you is your inner strength.
The greatest wealth you have acquired over time Capricorn and you know it. That is your greatest treasure, your authentic guardian angel and the rest, it is nonsense… Thanks to her you have not given up when everything was going downhill without brakes. Thanks to her, you are the person you are today, someone with a very noble heart but with very strong armor. Someone who knows what hard work is and who does not want anyone to give him anything. That someone capable of giving very great and very silent lessons, without showing off, without doing much show and really teaching. Because this is Capricorn, thanks to you many people learn to value like never before the true inner wealth that people have and that sometimes we abandon due to factors that do not really add anything to us ...

The road to reach that security in yourself / or has been long, difficult, screwed up on many occasions but tremendously productive. Thanks to him, you are very sure of what you are worth, what you really deserve and how much you still have to do. This is Capricorn, it has taken a lot of effort to be the titan that you are today, but in the end, wonderful things end up happening to magnificent people. You know.

The effect of good karma takes a long time to arrive (the very dog) but when it arrives, it gives everyone what they deserve. Yours? Be mentally indestructible. And you know. Obviously that does not mean that you have your days of downturn, doubts, fears or evena dramas at some point, of course, but it is that if it weren’t all very boring, right? Here what really counts is the inner outside that characterizes you in the moments when you need it most. Hopefully more people with that piece of burning heart that you keep in such a safe place. I wish….

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