What Is the Most Endearing Part of Cancer?


Did you know that you are much more likely to have relationships of love and friendship much more lively and affectionate than the rest of the Cancer signs? Did you also know the effect you cause on your people? And how much they admire you and love you even if they don’t tell you? Some things you did know, but that your people love you to death despite everything, is a REALITY. And all on your own merits Cancer, you are a real machine.

Your most endearing part and the most admired by everyone who knows you is your love. Cancer, you deserve enormous recognition for all the love, generosity and tenderness that you show when you know that someone else needs it.

You are highly sensitive to the rest of humanity. Obviously you are also very hater with half the population, it is obvious, you were not going to be a loving bear all the time, but if you are hater it is for extremely justified reasons.
Being a loving person to you is NOT being a walking ball that dances the water to everyone. It is not hugging everyone and putting on a good face all the time ... For you, it has much more to do with the affection that you lose in time and with the people who, despite everything, are still grateful to be part of you. life ... In general you are a very good Cancer person, sometimes too much, even with people who may not even deserve to have the opportunity to talk to you ...

Many times you know that you have been a good person (bordering on stupidity and you know it) you know the saying “I’m a good fool sometimes” so you know what we’re talking about ... The best thing about you is that you don’t help others nor are you there to receive something in return. You do not want recognition, you do not want to be paid with money or gifts, you do not want to be adored or do not want ANYONE to feel the obligation to owe you their life ... If you are that good people it is because you come as standard crab, yours It is vocational, it comes from the cradle ... Not in a thousand lives could it be possible to imitate what you are and know it. Here, either you are born like this or you die without knowing what it is to have a really good and loving heart.

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