What Is the Most Endearing Part of Aquarius?


What is it that makes you really different from others? Your Aquarius essence. There are not enough words, paper, site or content to capture everything that makes you different from other people.

You are not afraid of changes, you accept them and you always manage to get all the good that is in them and that nobody sees for silly changes ... You are not afraid of the challenges that arise with various difficulties, because thanks to them you make your creativity work hard and you like that. You are not afraid to stand out from the whole world for being the different, the black sheep of the family, the misunderstood as some call you ... You see something really wonderful in being one of the few people who enjoy going against the tide, in the opposite direction where everyone goes ...

You are Aquarius, you are very free, you have your wings in perfect condition to follow each and every one of your dreams and that is something you will never give up.
People use the term “weirdness” like it’s a bad thing and you know it. These people may be drowning in their own biases, but best of all, their comments don’t influence you, they don’t matter to you, and they don’t hurt you. At least not anymore ...

Your most endearing part and the one most admired by everyone who knows you is your rarity. Incredible true? You love it. You fall in love with being like that and even more so when you know that you can discover paths that no one else is going to tread in his life because of his limitations ...

You enter into that exclusive group of people who prefer to live their life with what really makes them truly happy, to waste that precious time on things, people or situations that generate more boredom and horror than anything else. That’s right, Aquarians are characterized by being very relentless when it comes to your own freedom and you know it. It is obvious that in this freedom there is room for pure and sincere love, but that this love does not come with handcuffs is very essential so that everything flows and that nothing ends in drama.

Hopefully more people with that free spirit and with that mind that you have in a safe place. Hopefully more freedom, more air and more fluidity for EVERYTHING.

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