What is the meaning of love for other signs?


Love is something magical, something timeless, something that energizes us and makes us feel alive. Love is sweet and also bitter, it is exciting and also, it can with absolutely everything. It cannot be touched but it can be felt. In this article we are going to talk about how each zodiac sign feels love, what “loving” means to them. Everyone has a way of feeling it, here it goes:


For you, love is an Aries lifetime commitment. When you fall in love you feel completely that that person is going to be in your life always. If you have doubts from minute one, it is not entirely love, or at least, it is not unconditional love. For you love must be exciting, it must have surprises, it must be alive. The first moment and the last.


To love someone is to protect him and make him feel safe, to love someone is to take care of his feelings for you Taurus, it is to protect him under any circumstance, it is to take care of him and make him feel good. It is clear that there can be more and less as in all relationships, but the pillars under which love is sustained for you, are those.


For you, love is paying attention to your partner, really knowing her. Love has to inspire you and complement you. That person must have what you do not have in certain aspects, and you must give him what he needs and what he lacks. In the end it is the perfect combination and for you, that is love: a complement of something. Something motivating.


Love for you Cancer is something that means a lot. You would do almost anything for the person you love. Your love is deep and also, you give, give and give Cancer. And there are no limits when you love someone. In addition, it does not matter what relationship it is, family, partner, friendship. Be that as it may, when there is love from you, others feel good.


For you love is delivery Leo. It is to be passionate and generous with that person, it is to put them before absolutely everything. In reality, you will always wait for all those details that you have to be a bit reciprocal because for you love is also that. Not so much for the material, if not more for the detail, for the gesture. You love the surprises and the preparation they have just because it is so worth seeing that person’s face when they suddenly see it. Even a minute.


Love for you, Virgo, is dedicating yourself to that person, supporting them, making them feel that you are there Virgo. For you love is not a whim, it is not something that comes and goes ... No Virgo, for you love is something bigger, it is something for life or at least, that’s how you feel it. If you fall in love you want there to be dedication on both sides. If not, better not be a couple. You have it clear.


Love is maintaining balance and harmony with the person you love Libra. You are a person who will never force anything but you will not let everything go out without further ado. Because if it goes out, it is clear that it will be difficult to turn it back on. You don’t rush anyone. You need everything to be 50/50. Give, receive ...


For you, Scorpio, love has to be honest, loyal and very passionate. You need that kind of love that makes you feel Valued and loved. A love that makes you feel very safe about everything and above all that does not disappoint you. Love is loyalty, communication and knowing almost everything about the other person, accepting them but always trying to do things so that they improve and evolve. Yes Scorpio, when love stagnates, for you it is no longer love.


If there is something important to you in love, it is that for you, love also means freedom, independence, but in some way also connection in some way for life. Love for you is based on having that experience of living your own Sagi adventure, but at the same time exploring that world with someone by your side. It may seem a bit contradictory but it is not. It is to feel free, that that person elevates you and makes you grow Sagi, but close to you.


For you, in love you have to constantly show the love you feel Capri. You are a generous person with your partner, you show it through direct actions and deeds. And if there are no such demonstrations, the truth is that for you, it is not love. Everyone needs to feel loved through words, but you give even more importance to deeds. If you love me, show me.


The meaning of love for you is strong. You need to have mental and emotional stimulation to be able to call it love. If there is not, it will be attraction, and it may be very strong but it will not be love. You are attracted to the intellect and you will love someone who inspires you to express yourself openly, who in the end makes you feel good and who does not put any kind of limitations on you. If you don’t have something like that, it’s not love. You have it clear.


For you, love has to be in constant renewal, if not, it is not love. It ends up cooling and it ends up shutting down. Your love is very deep Pisces , and in addition, it is also very generous. You give your all to make the relationship work, you promise loyalty, and you give your partner freedom. You do not coerce, you do not limit, you do not destroy Pisces. It may hurt if it ends, but you accept.

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