What is the mantra the zodiac sign should repeat?


In these difficult and hard times for everyone, you have to reflect, you have to endure, you have to resist. And often, we need help, something to motivate us, something to keep us going through these tough days. Many of us will now live complex situations but we will get out of everything, we will get out of this. This is the mantra that the signs have to repeat right now:


“I will learn to have my moments alone, without needing anything, without needing anyone. I will breathe, meditate and reflect on everything that surrounds me, but above all, I will regain my emotional independence. I don’t need anyone to be happy “


“I will not hold back any more feelings, I will feel things as they come, and this is how in the end, find peace. I will not enslave my emotions for fear that they will not understand them. I am what I am and I love myself that way “


“I will do what I want to do, I will walk forward, even if the result is not what I expect. I will not be afraid that things will not go according to the established plan because in reality, when I follow a plan it almost never goes as it is in my mind “


“I will reflect on everything that has happened in my life these last few months, I will face my fears, I will look them in the face and let them go. I will not remove emotions that are already calm, emotions that little by little are fading. I will not remove the waters that were murky “


“I will release that energy that I was expending on others and I will put it in me, in mine. I will think much more about the people who love me, who take care of me, who are always there when something happens to me. And I will discard the bad, the feelings of rage, anger and fury that I still have “


“Ester in peace, I will have my time and my space to organize all the things that I have in my mind. I will try to connect with my thoughts and be honest with my emotions. Where there is none, it cannot be obtained, not now, not in the future “


“I will trust that the people who must stay in my life will end up doing it. The rest can actually go. I will learn that things do not always go the way we wanted and that in the end, fate surprises us. If it is for me, it will end up arriving “


“I will stop holding on to everything that causes me harm, pain and anxiety. I will stop resisting clarity. I will no longer stay in the darkness regretting everything, I will look ahead and go towards the light, I do not want anything more right now, I do not need it. Just peace”


“I will learn to face the challenges, I will not withdraw from a battle but I will be brave and I will know when I have to leave everything to start from scratch, to start a new life. Everything will come, and I deserve good things, if I don’t have them now, I just have to be patient. A bit…”


“I will think a little more about myself and my needs, I will detach myself emotionally from toxic people and I will enjoy my solitude for a while. I will let my heart breathe and heal, my feelings flow and put aside all the resentment that they still have for things from the past, things that perhaps no longer have a solution. Right now I just want to be at peace “


“I will take care of myself, I will love myself, I will give myself pampering and love. I will learn to relax, to know how to be alone, to say goodbye to the emotions that no longer give me anything, to embrace those that arrive, those who give me everything. I will release tension and find in myself the person who will never fail again “


“I will create the future that I have been envisioning. Sooner or later it will come. The things that are for me will end up coming into my life. I will put aside the idea of the person that I thought I would have to be to focus on being who I really am. I will not please others more. Whoever loves me will love me like this “

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