What is the kind of friendship that virgo should avoid?


You should avoid immature and dramatic friendships. Friendships unbalanced and not sincere. There are many types of friends that you should stay away from right now Virgo, but before we get dramatic and leave you with a desert around you, let’s be practical and realistic and let’s tell the truth: you are a very selective person to be and fool around with any friendship and you know it Virgo.

You are a very firm person to complement yourself with people who have a very, very unbalanced character, with touches of impulsiveness that are impossible to control and with a lot of desire to create conflicts of any tiny grain of sand and you know it. Avoid any friendship that is difficult for you today Virgo, because there is only one life (or so we are led to believe) and we have to live it as we want, yes, but of course we have to do it with who better we feel and not with whom we have to live it ...

Remember, conforming would never be an option for you, right? Well don’t let that happen right now.

Do not settle for someone who does not complement you in any way for fear of being left alone / Virgo, because that will not happen.

You are a very jealous person of what is yours, you like to know that there is security in your circle of friends and you know how to give space.  You know how to respect, you know NOT to invade the private life of others and your way of being is not a circus of emotions that are the center of attention of all eyes. For this reason, you should stay away from people who compromise you without your permission. Of all the dramatic and disrespectful people who do not take your personality into account and who do not accept that you are a very free person with their hobbies and their own gifts ...

Remember Virgo, that everyone has differences with almost everyone. There are no two friendships that are totally identical, but that does not mean you have to stay with someone who, deep down, does not love you as a really good friend.

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