What is the kind of friendship that libra should avoid?


You should avoid friendships that pressure you and that manage to change an iota of your wonderful personality. Avoid anyone who wants to have you as their personal and non-transferable Libra butler, because friendship is not about giving and receiving, bringing or taking, having or not having ... friendship is LOVE in every way, okay? So, from now on, it’s time to value yourself more ...

Friendships who judge your doubts, who pressure you to go faster ... Friendships who question your word, who always expect something good from you and do not accept a failure on your part ... All those kinds of friendships (if it is which can be called that) are the ones you should banish from your life right now. The one who tells you to love you a lot but then, does not appear at the times when you need it most, is not a good friend for you, Libra. Not now, not never.

The problem is that you are a very good person. You like to refer to yourself as “good, sometimes stupid” (with all the love in the world) and the people who are by your side (but who really shouldn’t be) know it and I know take advantage of it.

You feel sorry to say NO, you feel sorry to banish someone else for having failures, you don’t like doing to others what you don’t like being done to you Libra, but when are you going to start looking for yourself first? The first few times don’t have to always be bad, right? Come Libra, jump in and make your first time banishing negative people from your life taste you like glory. BLESSED.

Remember to surround yourself with people who have something of a lot of natural charm, more than a lot of sincerity and a lot of Libra illusion.  You have to teach yourself to trust others again and you will, but in time ... Right now, stay with whoever understands you, understands you and does not try to change you in the least.

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