What is the image of the zodiac signs in social networks?


Each of the signs have a way of expressing themselves on social networks. Some are more likely to tell each of the moments of their life while others prefer to reserve their privacy only for the people they love. There are those who use the networks to launch hints and there are those who stop using them because they need a disconnection time. Here we show you the image that the signs give on social networks:


You are very to publish how well you have a good time at parties, the jokes that you usually make and the endless funny moments that you spend with your partner or with your friends. But what about the dark and bad side for when? Aries, your darkest moments (like your face at dawn, your gestures when you get angry or your silly anger when you are infatuated with something) do not raise them. You leave those as a souvenir in your phone gallery and you know it.


You do not usually publish many things about your personal Taurus life, you are very jealous of your privacy and do not show signs of life until you find the PERFECT photo. You do not upload things in your life, but you do take care of finding out everything about the lives of others. Social networks serve as a tool for your gossip and research work to bear fruit.


You love getting “likes”, you love being commented on and that your posts are the most viewed and the most commented on. You love to enchant Gemini and if you don’t get the repercussion that you think you deserve, you erase it and start over. Social networks, for you, are the perfect mirror and the ideal place even for you already know ... Anyway, because of them you have discovered several loves with the potential to become something in your life from time to time. You know.


Your activity on social media depends a lot on your mood. You are a maximum lover of sending very direct hints through the networks and you know it. If your humor is good, your publications are the most original and fun. You love leaving a mark on everything you write. If your mood gets twisted, you bombard your networks with thoughtful, somewhat vengeful posts and dropping some mini knives around ...


You love to send hints about how you are, where you are and how good or bad you are having it. Your mood is reflected a lot in your posts and you know it. Your activity reflects if you are in drama mode, happy, in love, reflective or excited…. Best of all, they are the ZAS that you send without hesitation. Indirect with hidden truths Leo, truths that only you know and that you want to have an effect on certain people.


You only publish photos and texts that have been previously edited and corrected about eight hundred times VIRGO and you know it. Perfection is your second surname, for that reason, you hate seeing photos on your profile that do not have attractiveness, color, filters that are fashionable with any novelty. Therefore, you are not constantly uploading “junk” photos. On the contrary, when you upload something you try to make it something in condition.


You publish little, but when you publish, you do it so that your publications have their effect. You like uploading quality stuff and you know it. You do not like to publish things that do not do you justice, because you do not like to give an image that is not…. You hate dirty hints, that’s why you are transparent in your posts. If you want to say something, you will do it without camouflaging it behind that seedy reflection phrase that has already been seen a million times. But anyway, you are more than saying it to your face or at least, not publicly on social networks.


You are not very into uploading things, especially in your private life. You can upload a photo with your favorite outfit or with your pet or even at a dinner. But no one will know anything about your private life because you are very jealous of it. You always show what you want to show, you always show what you want to show. No more no less. Also, you will seldom do it in the moment. Thus, clueless. You can upload a photo today from three days ago, or from a trip from a week ago. Everything is usually measured.


You love broadcasting your party life on social media. Yes Sagi, you like above all, publishing things about concerts (you love this), or parties, or galas ... Besides, you usually do it at the moment or the next day at the latest. If it is happening now, now I show you. You like that your people know what you live and with the intensity with which you do it. You are also from Zascas. If you do not like something, you will comment on it, do not cut yourself, you are one of those who gets wet in situations of all kinds.


Honestly, you spend a lot of social media. They are there, of course they are, but you know how to live without them perfectly. You are a person who knows when to use them. In fact, you also feel bad when you have those days when you spend all your valuable time looking at and looking at things that, deep down, give you exactly the same thing. It is difficult to live in a world full of technology when what you need most is often just a hug and a “I love you very much.”


You like to publish things about art, or lived experiences, or about what you always do from an artistic point of view and that is worthwhile. Normally you are not one of those who is all day uploading photos to the networks because honestly, you do not need either likes or comments to know what you are worth. When you upload something, it is usually of quality and if it is news, it is well verified. You tend to use social media for a purpose, not just out of boredom.


You do not publish too much, and you are not to throw many pullitas to anyone. When something happens to you, you usually disappear from the map. You do not want anyone to have clues about your whereabouts, or about how bad you may be having, or in general, to know anything about you. When you are happy, you may put a photo, also when you are nostalgic but in reality, you tend to be more of a comment.

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