What Is the Good Side of Virgo?


Virgo loves that things are well done and that they are done in a certain order and even with a specific methodology (although the latter is almost a hobby it is yours and you also get many advantages from this hobby). You also don’t mind taking more or less. What’s more, you think rushing isn’t too good for anything. In your mind, there is an exquisite mix of intelligence, cunning, and energy. You could be a spy for the FBI and you would be one of the best but you prefer to do other types of work. Helping others is your greatest act of generosity. Many times you consider yourself privileged because you have some very good virtues. Hence, you want to put them all at the service of those who may need them. Inside, you are very happy to know that you are helping them.

Although you may have your temper, your character is kind. Both in day-to-day situations and with work or study issues, your analytical ability helps you get to the point and solve many issues before anyone else and better. Being so practical helps you to simplify many situations, especially sentimental ones, where you tend to get lost between some point of coldness and many points of “fever.” Method, system, logic, analysis. In the computer that you have in your head these four words come together and bring out prodigious ideas, practical solutions, quick results, and ... many mouths open in amazement!

Your work capacity is excellent and your level of responsibility in any matter is very high.

Although it is sometimes difficult for you to delegate, you overload yourself trusting that you can do everything and you really can. But at the cost of your nerves, stomachaches, and ending up getting very picky about bullshit. You are able to fix anything that doesn’t work. Your knowledge on the subject is joined by meticulousness and patience that not only go to the end. Rather, they come and succeed. Come on, you find the solution. Or the solutions, because sometimes you find several.

It is difficult to shut up because you always have magnificent and reasoned arguments for everything. It is difficult to demand yourself because you already demand enough of yourself (almost as much as you demand of others).

Your strength is demonstrated. In two ways. One because you hold on until you fall. Another, because you don’t need anyone’s help to recover as soon as possible and to be in front of the canyon again.

You have a special ability to get others to confess their secrets to you along with another that leads you to catch any lie they make to you. The result is that you have first-hand, clean, real, and ready-to-process information on your “central computer”.

With sentimental themes or affections, it is a bit difficult for you to relax but due to fears and insecurities. Yours is the control and rationalize everything and that conflicts with the surrender that the things of the heart suppose.

You are a person of clear ideas. And it is difficult for someone to convince you to do something other than what you want to do. You know how to manage to do your holy will but without offending anyone with a resounding NO. Always looking for the solution to all problems can lead to a certain overload and to always seem worried about something. But going all the way helps you feel better and compensate for these excesses.

You are a retailer and you like them to be with you.

When you fall in love, you give yourself without reservation. Although to get there you have analyzed everything perfectly. You have to feel that you have some control.

You know that for things to be done well and to your liking, you have to make an effort. Everyone should do the same but you try twice as hard for your level of perfection.

You make the relationships between people around you very good. You are a point between characters that are very extreme, lazy, or who want to attract attention. You understand them all.

You are responsible, prudent, and honest. And you do not care that these virtues correspond more to being a serious person than crazy. But you are more serious than crazy. The best thing is that you know how to do crazy things when you want. And others cannot get serious when the situation calls for it.

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