What Is the Good Side of Taurus?


Taurus self-control is so great that sometimes you even surprise yourself. And that sometimes they make it quite difficult for you. You are so loyal that almost all of your friends have had them for years. And keeping friends for years is something you only get if you are very loyal to them. You are the perfect person to carry out a job that requires being constant to finish it and that is well done. Okay, you can be possessive but because you value what you have because it has cost you to get it because you don’t want to lose it. And there is no need to think about it anymore.

In you, patience is a virtue raised to the maximum power. With your patience, you get what you want, with your patience you get who you want, with your patience you can put up with whatever it takes.

As much as they tell you how sexy you are, you don’t give it that much importance. But you really are. And you notice how you like that a lot (you also like sensuality in others, so you understand a little that others are attracted to you).

You are like a calm sea. Yes. Although sometimes it can be a tidal wave or a tsunami.

Those who are close to you enjoy the security you give them on both a physical and personal level. Your appearance is imposing. Your internal strength is overwhelming. And subtle. Sometimes it is not seen but everyone knows that with you he feels safer.

You like money. Your money. The one you get with your work. You do not have debts, nor do you take advantage of anyone, nor do you borrow (and you are very amused by all those who do not have a reputation for nickel money, but it is because they cheat and live off the money of others).

You are a calm person. That she does not get nervous, nor does she rush through life. That he takes everything as it comes and acts after having assimilated it. You like to be calm, really.

Although you respect the opinions of others, your life is organized by you. You don’t like anyone coming to tell you what you have or don’t have to do. It would be more! It is quite difficult for you to meditate your decisions well so that the ready-to-turn comes to put buts. Besides, it’s your life right?

Your resistance to toxic people, to the problems of life, or the inconveniences of some situations, are very envious. But a lot, a lot. You are like the earth that resists everything that is put on it.

You make the environment around you placid for you but also for others. In your house there is peace, it smells good, there are plants and when music plays, what you put on is nice (then don’t complain when those who arrive don’t want to leave ... with what you like to be alone too!)

You make many nervous people around you calm down. When the tickles are looking for you and you do not enter the cloth. Or when they get angry and you don’t even fucking mind them.

Your will is one of the gold medalists. You say no, and it is no. You say yes and it is yes.

You like your world, the one that you have lived in but also the one that you have created for yourself because you know well what you don’t want. You like people who are close to you because you know well the ones you don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Your inner and outer peace are worthy of admiration. On the outside, you transmit tranquility for others. And inside, you transmit it to yourself. The result is a balanced and firm personality. Nothing to be every day in a different way.

You are a hard worker, you demand to be paid just for what you do. No less. And you invest your money in what it takes to be well. Nothing to waste to show off in front of others what you have. Those rolls don’t go for you.

You are a very good counselor because you do not get carried away by the ups and downs of life. You always think alike and act accordingly. And others see in you an example of balance, determination, and stability.

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