What Is the Good Side of Scorpio?


Scorpio is cunning and sagacious to face life, your jobs, any matter. You hardly ever take a wrong step and you move with a perfect strategy to live and to survive. First, you fight to the death, but if something beats you in the end, you can fall. But soon you will rise from your ashes and you will be stronger, if possible. Stronger, and more vindictive also because you cannot bear to be betrayed or done gratuitously. If so, you will go for those responsible. For you, it is the law of life. With your pride, you avoid being hurt. It is the same one with which you face any difficult task and with which you get up off the ground if something has knocked you down. You are an extremist. You can be very bad if you set your mind to it, but also very good, and the latter comes out really well for you because of personal values based on loyalty and concern for yours.

Your intelligence is appreciated in how you analyze and investigate situations, adding a great capacity for reasoning. You put the final touch with your intuition and a few touches of psychology that are already the best to hit the target.

With your criticism, you help others to improve. They can be harsh criticisms, be careful, but you think it is the best way to get them to sink in and be taken into account. With you, you are just as self-critical, sincere, and tough.

To yours, especially to the people you love the most, you offer what they need, but also an intense way of living in which they have no doubt that you love them. And in case they have any doubts, when they see the way in which you defend them if someone goes after them, they are completely calm about your feelings.

You get your part of natural dissatisfaction to help you try to improve your life, work, your romantic relationships, and the quality of everything around you.

In your romantic relationships, you take out an arsenal of weapons to maintain passion. They may not be the most conventional weapons but your intention is to make it clear that you are capable of anything so that no one takes what is yours. So that love lasts so that the relationship has a future.

You are a fighter, a warrior of life, who never lets things be. You can always improve what there is, you can always fight to get new ones. And of course, there are always enemies lurking against whom you have to be well prepared. You are, and very well, by the way. In fact, you almost always win.

Whatever happens, you always live and love intensely. You prefer to do it like that and have yourself come out to be pretending, or controlling, or denying reality. Of course, always be alert that they do not harm you, much damage rather, because if you have to suffer a little you do not care. Worth.

Having a cool mind is good for you. There is a lot of temperature inside you because of the intensity of your emotions. With a certain coldness, you manage to think clearly. Then, when you play, you know how to relax better when you move in the realm of feelings.

You have a scanner to discover what others are up to, what they really are, what they are looking for, or if they are hiding something.

You are very grateful for the details. They touch your heart, just like the fact that people value you and appreciate you. And when you allow yourself to keep the beast that you carry inside when you see how they love you, you are still you but charming for your tenderness and warmth.

You are sincere ad nauseam. That is why you do not like false people, or fictitious situations, or fantasies that mask reality, or anything that seems what it is not. You do not like lies or that nobody deceives you.

You are very independent, as well as a good leader. You help others, you know how to guide them well and your determination is an example to follow.

You are not in the middle terms but you like your life so it should not be so bad to be so radical because it is going well for you. Of course, if someone you love, respect, and value makes you see where you are wrong or helps you to be flexible, you accept it. About.

Your magnetism may have something to do with it, but there is something more real and palpable in the way you get what you want from others, in how you beat and convince them, in how they end up telling you everything that happens to them. And that is something only you know.

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