What Is the Good Side of Sagittarius?


Because of Sagittarius’s optimism, you see life with the best glass to be seen. And if there are drawbacks, it also seems to you that they all have a solution. You adapt to everything, you are not afraid of changes, and before complaining you start to try to solve what does not work. Your generosity has no limits. You like to share everything you have: your time, your material goods, your advice, your experience ... The enthusiasm with which you live is nothing compared to the one you squander every time you start a relationship or undertake any matter. And being generous, you also give away your enthusiasm because you like to transmit it to others and that they feel the same desire to do things like you.

You like that in your relationships there is total freedom of the parties, both to think and to come and go. You drown if you feel like you can’t move as you please. In the same way, you like people who also want to be free and that is why relationships with dependent people do not suit you.

You are rebellious and you face the rules that restrict your freedom and that of anyone, including some social causes.

You like to move what is still, adapt to the new instead of adjusting to the old. In the same way, you don’t mind breaking up relationships that don’t lead you anywhere.

You are very sincere and frank with others because you refuse to hide what you think or feel. Maybe sometimes you open up by losing your way, but your intention is not bad. You’re a centaur, and that half-horse sometimes makes you screw up a bit. But you prefer to tell the truth even if you screw up then tell lies. That never.

Nobody who is by your side is bored: your mind is full of data and knowledge and anecdotes, you always have plans in your head and initiative to implement them, you have a sense of humor and a lot of joie de vivre.

You have a very good memory to use everything you know. And you help yourself with any important detail to make life easier for others.

You are good at relationships, you have many people around you, perhaps it is because you give a lot and yet you are not at all interested in people. You never approach anyone hoping to get a cut or with any material interest. People interest you for what they are, not for what they have.

You have confidence in yourself even if sometimes you have lows and you do not see everything so clearly. But they are personal downfalls for asking yourself a lot of questions about existence. What never fails you is the trust you offer to others. Curiously, they always see your best side and you, however, have your little moments of low self-esteem.

You are very studious about everything. You like to learn but it doesn’t have to be by kneeling your elbows in front of a book. It can be learned by talking to people, traveling, observing life, surfing the Internet ...

You are impatient but that helps you to get going before a situation worsens, to outrun others to get what you want, and not to waste time arriving when someone needs you.

You know how to listen and you are usually understanding, but if at some point someone tells you something that you do not agree with, you are still there for what they need you. And to give him some advice of yours, if necessary (although you will wait to do it if you see that these people are not too strong for your sincere criticism).

You live the present as it should be lived, without thinking about the future, thinking and being aware, but without thinking too much about things, acting more than thinking.

You like a risk too much but to live your life. You don’t usually put others at risk. If they want to accompany you, it must be their decision. At most, you can encourage them with your enthusiasm but always leave them the freedom to know what they are going to do and decide if they want to go or not.

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