What Is the Good Side of Pisces?


Pisces have as much ability to understand topics as to understand people. Perhaps it is more difficult for you to understand yourself but with what happens outside of you, you are a lynx. Your way of intuiting things sometimes seems like magic. Because it is not just a slight intuition, it is that you know almost 100% what is going to happen. That good humor is good medicine to laugh at life and also to understand it better. Sometimes everything is so complicated that if you did not see it with humor, you would take it worse. Your most insecure part is very tender, and those who know you and love you, understand you, and are not hard on you for that. In addition, that insecurity makes you always be kind and not go through life believing you are the master of the world and attacking others with your arrogance.

You know how to give yourself to others like no one else because you don’t ask for anything in return and in any case what you ask for is very little. But being compassionate comes out to you, you were born that way and you don’t want to change either. You always have good intentions when it comes to acting. Where others bounce off some people because they fail them, you are still generous and kind. And what hurts you, you eat by yourself.

When someone is impregnated with your way of seeing life, they like it, because your way of seeing life will be a bit idealistic but dreams also help to see reality more beautiful than it sometimes is.

You have many virtues but it is difficult to see you boast of them. You are someone quite humble. Of course, when others recognize those virtues, you touch the sky with your fingers, but that is not bad. Call it a minivan or call it rewarding yourself for doing so well.

There are people you like more and others you like less, but when it comes to relating, you don’t make distinctions and you are kind to everyone. For a reason, almost everyone likes you. Just as you listen to others and understand them, when it comes to learning something or doing some work, you are receptive to the situation and try to adapt to the rules they demand. You like aggressive environments and idem people less but you will solve that in your own way when the time comes.

You fight for what you believe in, be it your dreams, platonic love for someone, or your creative way of doing things. If others do not agree, you listen to them and respect them, and sometimes you even conform to what they want. But you will continue to believe in what makes you happy.

Although there are situations and feelings that affect you and can touch your spirits, as fast as you fall you are already rising again. You have the power to change a lot and that favors you when you want to get out of the ugliest moments in your life.

Although you can make mistakes in some romantic relationships, what is real is the love that you have felt that they are giving you, and that is above whether the relationship has a future or not. You live in the moment and bet on what it feels like in a given moment. Then it will be seen. Perhaps there are more suitable people in your future but go to know if they will make you feel what you are feeling today and now.

When something impresses you, it is because you are very receptive and sensitive, not a piece of wood that neither feels nor suffers. You could still avoid being wrong but it would be at the cost of feeling less, and you don’t like the idea at all. Your way of depending on others or on some affection or affection is because they make you feel good. What would be absurd is to depend on someone who makes you feel bad. You already work that when it happens. Sometimes you hit rock bottom before and sometimes after. But you never stay suffering for long and in the same place.

Even if something scares you, you don’t stop doing it. That is good for several reasons: for being above fears, for betting on the new that life brings and because you like to imagine that behind everything that fears hides there is always something positive.

You are a complex sign, with many capacities and a double way of being and of seeing life. Being like this can create some confusion for others around you, but it is never serious. On the contrary, by being like that you always have a way out of everything. Always.

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