What Is the Good Side of Libra?


Libra is a compendium of diplomacy, charm, and goodness that make it very easy for you to relate ... successfully as well. There are signs that are very well related but often have problems with people. You do not. You take death with everyone. You like to see the positive side of things but you also don’t know how to see it otherwise. It must be because you appreciate what works, what is beautiful, or what is well more than the opposite. Looking for the negative often spoils everything. And you don’t like that at all. You can say what you don’t like with enough diplomacy and tact not to hurt anyone. You allow yourself to be influenced by others enough not to create too many problems but in what you are clear about, it is not so easy for you to give in to what others want.

You like to be admired but it is that you usually arouse admiration for the way you dress or relate to yourself. For your tastes or for how you have decorated your house.

Many people trust you for your advice. And that Libras are supposed to be unbalanced and that is why they seek balance. Nothing is further from reality. You are looking for more balance than you have but because that helps you to be better.

In love, you seduce the first time, just like you seduce the people who have just introduced you. For certain people, you have a very powerful magnet that combines the sweetness of a way of being with a charming rebellion. Nothing aggressive. It would be something like saying “I don’t happen there, but I’ll say it at the right time, and I don’t need to shout to be heard either.”

You are a perfect mediator where other people cannot agree. You know how to listen to all parties, think about all the possibilities of each situation, and guide everyone to make the decisions that are most favorable to them.

Your emotional stability is a constant search in which you live. You’re not bad but you don’t feel like you have everything you need either.

You are sociable by nature but you also like people, and you also don’t like being alone, and you are also happy having many plans, and also ...

When it comes to working, you know how to combine personal responsibilities very well with the advantages of teamwork. Your way of leading the teams is by working as hard as the others but collecting the skills of each one to unite them in the final result.

You make friendship easy by adapting to all plans, being flexible to adapt to many types of characters, and having a great disposition so that everything goes well. If something goes wrong, it won’t be your fault.

With the defects of others, you are very tolerant that is why you put up with everyone well. It is because of a great capacity that you have to put yourself in the place of the other.

You are very outgoing, you are passionate about meeting new people. You feel that each of the people who have passed through your life has contributed something important, bad or good, and for that reason, you are who you are.

You attach great importance to relationships and teamwork. For you, just individualities. You believe that in the union you achieve more things than going through life alone.

You like to give yourself to others and for them to become someone important in your life. Or not so important but you like to give them space. That is why, when it comes to committing yourself, you like to take your time to know to whom you are going to give that space, your time, and a piece of your heart.

You like to choose the easy way for things. And you defend this position to the sword. Above all, because after thinking about it a lot you have come to the conclusion that the important thing is the goal. And that each one must choose their path to reach it. You choose yours and that each one does the same.

You prefer to choose your goals without having to hurt anyone. Getting them at the expense of someone suffering or having a bad time would spoil the good taste of victory. Well, actually, you wouldn’t consider it a victory that way.

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