What Is the Good Side of Leo?


Leo is so noble that this nobility is the one that crowns you as the true king of the jungle. Your other monarchical attributes are nothing compared to how noble you can be. Being so sincere helps that your relationships with others are always very well defined. You know what you want, and although you may have some doubts, you want to give yourself and the rest to be delivered to you. And with that clear, it is easy to build something with you. Being generous to yourself is a philosophy of life. You give a lot because you want to receive in return. But you like more to give than to receive, that is clear. Your leadership skills are real. Vouchers to send and the best proof is that when you take charge of a situation, others breathe a sigh of relief. They know they will be in good hands.

You are as brave as you want the people close to you to be. You don’t mind going ahead but those who follow you have to also be very forward.

The pride they throw in your face has a good side that outweighs the bad side. It is the one that helps you to always have your head held high, to not let yourself be stepped on by anyone, and to get where you want without shedding a tear. On the outside at least.

Behind your vanity is your pride. Behind your pride are the facts. Those who confirm over and over again your worth, your worth, and the many gifts with which you were born.

Even if you like to shine, there are times when you prefer to be a little further away from others and observe them. But because it is your people, the one that fills you with pride and whom you look at with pleasure because of how happy they make you.

Your way of being so passionate, as a good sign of fire, leads you to have intense relationships. Also to have intense anger but if they leave you to your own devices, they go away. Believe it or not, but we are talking about how good it is that you are so passionate. And that is not a lie.

You are faithful and loyal, intelligent and full of energy, with fixed ideas and very vital goals.

When you get angry with someone, you explode and blurt everything out of your mouth. But as soon as you get everything out you start the road back to reconciliation. And you have no problem giving second chances.

You don’t like wasting time and you are also clear-minded. With this mixture, the result is high productivity.

You like to be in the center of everything but everything you receive for that reason you share it with others. Especially with those you love the most, although you are generous even with the neighbor’s cat.

You love that others look to you for help. And you always give it to him (although sometimes you overdo it a bit and pretend to be interesting).

Being presumptuous is not a good thing but it is that you brag about yourself but above all, you brag about your people, your partner, your friends, your family ...

You would like to be more creative even though you already are. You usually have many fronts open in which to develop, in addition to many people in your charge. And you don’t have time for everything. Because people come first. Or at least you try.

You face each job and each responded with a very good disposition. Quickly you get down to work and with all your energy. And what’s better, you don’t complain about anything.

Although it may seem that you are going your way, deep down, you are happy when those around you are happy, yours. They are your reason for living, and that is why you care so much that they have everything they need.

You surrender to love even if you know that they can hurt you, even if they have done it other times. But that is past and you like to look to the future and get excited again.

You are brave for everything in life: for relationships, for sports, for jobs, to take the blame, to fall and get back up ...

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